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Ive got some nids and DE up for sale/trade

1 hive tyrant (with VC, lash whip and bone sword)
5 warriors with deathspitters/sything talons, 2 with rending claws
1 warrior with barbed strangler and sything talons
1 warrior with VC and sything talons
3 warriors with gargoyale wings (1 unassembled) all sything talons
15 hourmagaunts
40 termagaunts
20 genestealers
5 ripper swarms (plus bits for a 5th)
lots of spore mines (10+)
carnifex with twin linked barbed strangler

And tons of bits for re-arming or add ons,somewhat painted in the kraken theme (not all are painted, but all are primed), the only model with effort put into the paint job is the carnifex, but still unfinished.

1 haemonculus with flamer/acid gun and scissorhand
5 incubi, 1 incubi bodyguard with cloak
37 warriors, 1 sybrite, 6 warriors have splinter cannons, rest are cc/ranged mix
1 ravager with 2 dark lances and one disentegrator

All are table top quality painted (except for bodyguard) in red/black scheme.

Im also wanting to find some steel legion troopers (roughly 3 squads)
Email: [email protected]
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