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Hey guys, i recently asked about what comes in some boxes and im just about ready to jump start my army. i have just a few more questions.

1. Can Hive Tyrants use Carnifex heads to get Enhanced Senses or other biomorphs? If not do Hive Tyrants come with these biomorphs?

2. Do warriors come with extended carapace biomorph or should i use the ones that come with genestealers?

3. Does a box of 3 warriors come with enough rending claws to equip all 3 of the models with 1 pair?

4. If i buy a 16 pack of Horma/gaunts are there enough spinefists to make 8 spinegaunts? or Devourers to make Devgaunts?

5. When equiping Raveners with a ranged weapon is there a physical representation? If so how would i go about displaying this?

Thanks again.
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