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Tyranid Monsters

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I am planning on ordering a fair sized Tyranid army soon, however I am somewhat unsure on exactly which MCs I should add to the army. Here is what I am currently planning on ordering or already have, any advice on whether there may be better options is welcome;

1 x Hive Tyrant
40 x Hormagaunts
40 x Termagants
10 x Gargoyles
4 x Ripper Swarms
3 x Warriors
1 x Carnifex
1 x Toxicrene
1 x Trygon
1 x Tervigon
21 x Genestealers
1 x Broodlord

And I plan on adding some Venomthropes, Zoanthropes and a Haruspex to the list in the future.


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My current standing Tyranid list is actually pretty similar (Although somehow I've ended up with five Carnifexes, but hey, I'm a sucker for bundle deals) and personally I feel I'm lacking in ranged anti-armour firepower, so I'll be looking at Zoanthropes and / or Hive Guard next.

I'm very much a fan of my Mawloc, but then I tend to play my Tyranids to troll rather than to win (though occasionally winning is a consequence). See: Sporefields

Unfortunately as has already been mentioned, Tyranid MCs aren't quite the giants they used to be, and Tyranids in general aren't overly competitive without bringing slightly odd lists. (If I'm not mistaken, the highest ranking Nid player in the 2015 Nova open was running Six TLD Flyrants with a Malanthrope Brood, a bunch of Spore mines and some Tzeentch Daemon allies)

Not that I've ever played in a tournament, but I get the strong impression most of my lists would get stomped rather hard.

I am actually a fan of the Maleceptor, as I've proxied one with some proxied Zoanthropes (try before you buy, eh?) In the Neural Node formation that allows Zoanthropes to re-roll 1s whilst Harnessing within 12"(?) of the Malanthrope. I don't think the Maleceptor actually cast any powers, but as a Warp charge generating source of re-rolls (plus synapse, increased SitW range, etc) in a Psyker heavy list, this thing worked a treat. Although if your opponent brings a Culexsus, make sure the tear bucket is to hand.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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