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Tyranid Monsters

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I am planning on ordering a fair sized Tyranid army soon, however I am somewhat unsure on exactly which MCs I should add to the army. Here is what I am currently planning on ordering or already have, any advice on whether there may be better options is welcome;

1 x Hive Tyrant
40 x Hormagaunts
40 x Termagants
10 x Gargoyles
4 x Ripper Swarms
3 x Warriors
1 x Carnifex
1 x Toxicrene
1 x Trygon
1 x Tervigon
21 x Genestealers
1 x Broodlord

And I plan on adding some Venomthropes, Zoanthropes and a Haruspex to the list in the future.


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Hmm... Flying tyrants maybe??? Apart from that i don't quite see the gap in the current list though it does seem a little shambles with the assortment you see to have so far only other recomendation would be write up some lists and see what you have the points for.

Thats all i got
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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