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Tyranid Monsters

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I am planning on ordering a fair sized Tyranid army soon, however I am somewhat unsure on exactly which MCs I should add to the army. Here is what I am currently planning on ordering or already have, any advice on whether there may be better options is welcome;

1 x Hive Tyrant
40 x Hormagaunts
40 x Termagants
10 x Gargoyles
4 x Ripper Swarms
3 x Warriors
1 x Carnifex
1 x Toxicrene
1 x Trygon
1 x Tervigon
21 x Genestealers
1 x Broodlord

And I plan on adding some Venomthropes, Zoanthropes and a Haruspex to the list in the future.


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The tervigon is a one trick pony unless you roll a decent psychic power on it. It's also kinda points heavy for what it does.

You won't go far wrong with the trygon or the toxicrene. Contrary to what you've heard, maleceptors do not suck. They are effective focused witchfire snipers and not half bad in combat with most grunt squads. If nothing else, they are a target your opponent will regret ignoring if he does, and a diversion target to protect other blunter monsters like the trygon.

The carnifex is difficult to justify, and I feel the same about the haruspex. Both of these fill roles that your other monsters fill better or for cheaper. I was surprised notto seen an exocrine on the list given it's just about your only long ranged ap2 firepower.

I've also found that monsters work better with redundancies. The easiest way to do this is to have two of each, or two of something similar enough to fill whatever role you have. For example I run two maleceptors, two flyrants and two exocrines, but I can alter this to take out the maleceptors for trygons or occasionally swap one for Old One Eye.
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I wouldn't bother going for 'what's good in game' when you're playing Codex: Flying Hive Tyrants. Flyrants and Malanthropes (FW giant Venomthropes) are awesome, Carnifexes with two sets of Devourers are okay, but the rest of the monsters are pretty terrible.
I would only agree with this if you want a competitive tournament list.

If you are going for casual gaming, then honestly do whatever. But consider what I said so it's at least interesting, because Midnight is ultimately right. Tyranid monsters don't really have the power they used to so you will need redundancies.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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