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Tyranid Monsters

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I am planning on ordering a fair sized Tyranid army soon, however I am somewhat unsure on exactly which MCs I should add to the army. Here is what I am currently planning on ordering or already have, any advice on whether there may be better options is welcome;

1 x Hive Tyrant
40 x Hormagaunts
40 x Termagants
10 x Gargoyles
4 x Ripper Swarms
3 x Warriors
1 x Carnifex
1 x Toxicrene
1 x Trygon
1 x Tervigon
21 x Genestealers
1 x Broodlord

And I plan on adding some Venomthropes, Zoanthropes and a Haruspex to the list in the future.


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I wouldn't bother going for 'what's good in game' when you're playing Codex: Flying Hive Tyrants. Flyrants and Malanthropes (FW giant Venomthropes) are awesome, Carnifexes with two sets of Devourers are okay, but the rest of the monsters are pretty terrible.
I would only agree with this if you want a competitive tournament list.
Fair point - I kinda jump to the assumption that if someone's asking how good a thing is in game, they're wanting to build something vaguely competitive (otherwise just use the units and formations you think are awesome/beautiful/fun, right?), which isn't always what people want (still getting my head around people playing 'casual games', but still wanting to tune a list to win them sometimes - a personal failing, I know).

I would however add Mawlocs to the list of TMCs that can do work. They're not great, but lists with them have done pretty well in tournaments as far as Nids go.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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