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Tyranid Mawloc - Finished at last! (Picture Heavy)

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I wanted the base to highlight just how easily this monstrosity could smash through rock.. I did it by half snipping through the plastic pieces then tearing the rest of the way until it broke off. Then I pinned them on again to make them look as though the Mawloc was breaking the wall apart..
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Yeah I use water-effects for that.. I took those pics about 45 mins ago though.. And the matt varnish is still drying :D Thanks for the tip!
I have the eyes painted milky-white on all my Tyranids.. Its my way of expressing that none of them are at all individual. Gives a drone feel to them i think. Thanks for the comments though guys..
I saved that idea for my Trygon :)
Its a bit of a mix really.. I used Warlock Purple and astronomican Grey from the Citadel range.. Those guys really need to come up with a better pinky range..

Its then been washed in leviathan purple and baal red.. I then just added more Astro-grey to the Warlock purple for the highlights..

EDIT: I should have mentioned as anyone who uses Warlock purple knows it doesnt cover very well.. Astron-grey really helps with this as its a foundation colour. Thickening it up enough to one-coat straight onto black :)
Thanks for comment and rep.. I am just awaiting some Water effects so I can make the Maw a little more life-like..

Nice suggestion :)
That's a really cool idea. I take it back. Its good to see why people have chosen to do what they did modelling/painting wise. I like the idea and the execution underpins this point really well.
It was good of you to make the observation in the first place. I didnt take offence at it by any means. Once my army is eventually finished I will take an army-wide photo of them all and show you how effective I think it is en masse..

Thanks though Piemaster I always appreciate constructive criticism..
I have come back the next day and looked at it again and it seems to be even better than before.
Thats a really nice thing to say mate..

Last night I was wondering where I was going to get the drive to start painting my Trygon Prime as my brain seemed exhausted by the idea. But having got up with a nasty hangover and read that this morning I didnt find it so hard to feel like painting again.

I do like giving my bases a little chacter.. I think for my prime I will have a Genestealer crawling out of a hole beneath it or something..
For some reason though I can never get into the idea of actually doing a tyranid army...go figure.

Great job!
They are an inspirational "Bad Guy" army.. I bet in your subconscious thinking you were just dreaming of kicking their backside :)
That is an Epic Base and the color scheme is great! Just getting my own mawloc/trygon model made. I have it magnetized so it will have to have a pretty epic base to go with its convertibility.
I considered magnetizing mine for storage reasons but hes just so gigantic that I have to have a special storage box just for him and my two Trygons anyways..

I look forward to seeing yours when finished :D
1 - 10 of 29 Posts
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