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Tyranid "Death-Star" horror stories.

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There's a popular Tyranid unit build aptly named "The Death Star", as it is a slow moving, shot soaking, assault winning unit that moves through crucial areas of the board pummeling any enemy units within reach. The build looks loosely like this

1 hive tyrant
armored shell (2+ armor)
old adversary (gives a 6" perferred enemy bubble)
life leech,
lashwhip and bone sword
TL devs

3 tyrant guard with lash whips

1 tyranid prime
2 bone swords
death spitter
adrenal glands

As the unit is growing quite popular, I was wondering if anyone had any horror stories concerning close or deadly encounters with this unit?
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honestly I've never seen that unit used before or mentioned and I'm going through a lot of serious builds at the moment. seems decent though. Only thing is from what I'm seeing there's no inv. save so plasma death on them will win, or any ap 2 weapon basically.

but on about Deathstars I suppose. I never really had any problems with deathstars as try and have a load of my units buffed enough to take them out with relative ease. For example I have an honour guard unit with blood champ, chapter banner, power weapon, flamer and a fist, totalling 260pts. Went up against 7 thunder hammer storm shield terminators- 280pts I think it was? Anyway by the time they got to strike back only one guy was standing and he only took out one guy. my other assault squds do better than that often enough too. I'm sure roughly the same tactic would apply to that unit.
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