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Hi all

Just started to paint my second carnifex and thought I would share the way i do it.

1. when building the arms and shell over the head was left off the body to make it easier to reach the body and head, after priming paint any shell, spikes and hoofs black and the flesh/bone parts white

2. Cover all the white (including the arms) in a wash made from 2 parts pink horror, 1 part bugmans glow and 20 parts water.

3. Reapply white over any raised parts and wash any of the flesh between joins/bulging through parts (as picture) with Druchii violet.

4. For the flesh in the mouth or any soft tubes on weapons start with a solid coat of bugmans glow, highlight with kislev flesh and wash with bloodletter glaze and tidy up with kislev flesh.
use zandri dust to base coat the teeth and wash with reikland fleshshade, reapply zandri leaving the shade in between the teeth and highlight with screeming skull.

5. For the ridges water down some Xereus Purple and paint the first layer, it should be just visible. add layers slightly smaller than the previous until you get a solid color in the middle.

6. now do the same with Genestealer Purple starting off covering the solid part of the Xereus purple.

7. highlight with a 50/50 of white and Genestealer Purple.

8. for the spikes, hoofs and tail end use the same technique of watering down and highlighting layer over layer with first mephiston red then evil sunz scarlet.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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