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I'll throw my opinion in the fray. Crushing Claws to be your can opener on vehices. Since you need to get close to vehicles likehood is that infrantry is close as well, so you shouldn't need a long range option.
So a pair of twin-linked devourers :) and bio-plasma. You can perform two shooting attacks so devourers can lay in multiple shots and bio-plasma will kill whatever remains under the blast marker.

Or if you can't spend the points, just go with bio-plasma, Spine Banks, Crushing Claws and scything talons for an extra attack in CC. I normally run one fex in this config, works really well if it survives to the closer range.

But if you really want long rang option Heavy Venom Cannon will work against... well.... other Nids. Essentially you want to be playing against someone with few models in the unit high saves and 4 or below toughess with multiple wounds. *cough* Warriors.

You could use magnets and swap between Venom Cannon and STC.
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