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You can do it and be battleforged if you like by taking two skyblight formations. Dakka flyrant, crone, harpy, harpy, three units of 10 gargoyles. Double that, add extra gargoyles to your units, sprinkle some upgrades and two of those formations could be an 1850 list. I think it would be pretty strong but not quite competitive because two flyrants isn't realistically enough synapse for six units of gargoyles. Anyway, the gargoyles are objective secured and when a brood is destroyed can come back on a 4+. Two dakkaflyrants (give them ES grubs) and two crones is decent anti air and armour. Harpies are often taken with the heavy venom cannon for a bit more S9 shooting but otherwise make great infantry killers.

Otherwise there isn't a way to have everything in the air without going unbound. A normal CAD can have a flyrant as HQ but there is no flying troop choice. You could just take deepstriking rippers though. I don't think it hurts the theme much because everything you deploy can still have wings.

If I really wanted to do this theme and be as competitive as possible I'd take one skyblight formation, then a CAD with two more dakkaflyrants and two deepstriking ripper units for troops. So that's about 1425 points. Extra gargoyles will bring it up to 1500 which seems like a very strong list to me. For 1850 maybe an extra crone and some shrikes?

It isn't an army I'd use in anything but a tough competitive environment though. While it might be fluffy it wouldn't exactly facilitate a fun and balanced game.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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