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I'd probably be tempted to take no ground armour units, thus denying your opponent any targets to shoot their anti armour weapons at, unless they want to snap fire at the heldrakes.

Also the heldrakes and vindicators have too similar roles for my liking. Granted the vindis are good against 2+ saves and doubling out multi wounds models, and the drakes are effective against units in cover, but they're still essentially anti elite infantry units. Where your weakness lies is anti tank. What if the opponent's list is fully mechanised? Suddenly those cheap rhinos and chimeras may as well be land raiders to your zombies.

I'd maybe keep two of the drakes (assuming baleflamers) and swap the other drake and vindicators out for havocs/obliterators behind an aegis line. While those units will present better targets than the zombies for anti tank weapons they still aren't very good targets since they're getting decent cover saves. Essentially you're shutting down the opponent's low AP shooting

Regarding the number of zombies I think it's probably a bit excessive. I realise that's the idea but you'd probably do just as well with units of 25, or five units instead of six. Not to mention how much time and money it's going to require to buy, assemble, paint and base 180 zombies. I'd cut down on zombies and take another HQ. A nurgle sorcerer or chaos lord.

An unintended benefit of the above ideas are you'd actually come out with a fluffier list. Typhus, his second in command and Death Guard infantry guys herding a massive horde of zombies. It makes way more sense than one nurgle sorcerer lord with his six vehicles and 180 zombies. Who does Typhus even talk to when he's not fighting battles? The vindicator drivers?
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