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Two quick questions, one Necron, one CSM

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Afternoon gents, two minor questions came up in our last game...
Necron - Is the Tesla destructor on a Night scythe turret mounted or fixed forward ark?
CSM - Are the bikers with a mark of nurgle actually T6??

Many thanks all :)
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CSM - Are the bikers with a mark of nurgle actually T6??
Correct. A normal biker is a Chaos Space Marine, which has a toughness of 4, wtih a bike that gives +1T. With the Mark of Nurgle, which also gives +1T, it is combined and grants the unit a combined toughness of 6.

This is why they're so goddamn awesome!
O, one other one we had was a Sorcerer giving feel no pain to a vehicle... is this legit?? It was a Hellchicken :'(
Feel no pain only applies to non-vehicles, so that's a no - That cannot be done. Feel No pain is only for wounds specifically, not hull points.

The only thing you can give a Vehicle is "It Will Not Die" in terms of regaining/shrugging off damage.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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