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I’m building my version of a 1500pt. choppa trukk army and have a couple of questions. I want to have a list that is more on the fun side rather than competitive, so please refrain from making list changing suggestions and instead please focus on the two questions I have.

Here’s where I’m at:
4 Trukks w/ 11 Choppa Boyz + Nob w/ PK & BP
16 Lootas (2 groups of 8 each)
6 Deffkopters (3 groups of 2 each)
Warboss w/ Cyborg, PK, BP

As it stands I have 302 points left. Now I want to have a group of Nobz(w/ PB, and other goodies) in my list for the hammer factor and at first I was planning on putting them in a Battle wagon w/ Deffrolla, but, putting aside the flaw of having of having a lone BW, this just didn’t seam to fit well with what I wanted from this list. So now I’m thinking of giving the Warboss a Bike and adding a group of Nob Bikers. With the points I have right now I can have 3 bikers + 1 Pain Boy Biker all with Cyborg and then 1 PK + 5pts to give one of the remaining nobz another item for wound allocation abuse. So here’s my question(s) about this: 1) This would make 5 bikers in total(Warboss, Pain Boy , and 3 Nobz), is that enough? 2) This group would have 2 PK (Warboss and 1 Nob), is that enough? 3) Giving then Cyborg is good right? Or should I drop it for an extra PK? And 4) This units would cost 400 pts.(including Warboss) that’s 1/4 of total point allocation, does that put me in “Single Rock Flaw” territory?

And as for the question about Grots: this list lacks any kind of home objective baby sitting unit, so I’d like to add a very cheap one such as 19 Grots + a Handler, I would drop two Deffkopters to free up the point requirements(assuming the above biker squad gets approval.) The Grots could also server a secondary role by standing in front of my Lootas to provide a (very weak) melee screen. Is this a good idea?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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