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we play every monday night at 9pm EST (keep in mind that we set our clocks back an hour this sunday) till midnightish (usually ends up closer to 1am) using maptools 1.87 and skype.

we play all settings in the line by fantasy flight games (and possibly even warhammer fantasy 2nd ed) in rotation. each campaign is run in short 4-6 session chapters so we can get the chance to play each game in the same year rather than one long campaign of a single setting. we just finished a chapter of only war and are currently 2 sessions into dark heresy 2nd ed with another 3-4 sessions to go before we switch to another setting as yet TBD (but probably deathwatch or black crusade).

this is a long running group of almost two years and we're in need of some replacements. we're easy going casual players that don't do everything "by the book" but if you've read any of the rulebooks you'd know how that is impossible.

post or pm interest and stuff.
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