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I think that the game has improved considerably, I enjoy playing much more than I did in 7th Ed, which was very nit-picky, and very much "not fun".

I think before complaining about balance, people need to realise that what, one maybe two army books were written with this ruleset in mind? Give GW time to bring out new army books, and hopefully the balance will come back, especially for older armies that were due a new book anyway.

I am a little pissed off at the FAQs, some of the decisions make no sense at all. I think people playtested the rules, but no-one appears to have playtested the FAQs for the new rules. T10 Stank? Teclis? Some of the magic item changes/updates are stupid as well. This problem will go away with new army books though.

As it stands right now, the power balance is significantly off. However I think once they replace 3-4 army books then I think it'll be the best edition yet.

Agreed. Teclis needs to go away forever. He's the most OP thing in this entire game, able to solo armies.
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