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So, Fantasy 8th Edition was released about two and a half months ago now, so we've all had a chance to put it through it's paces. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in Australia, there has been quite a bit of both praising and griping about this edition. For those in the tournament scene especially, there seems to be a lot of people who think the game needs tweaks and balances to work well as a competitive game. While the arguments over 8th continue, we've seen a number of our top players, people who helped to grow a vibrant Fantasy community in Aus, taking breaks from the game and trying out other systems, even as some newer players are joining, attracted by the new edition.

So, people are debating the merits of 8th. Some think it's refreshing, far more fun and spontaneous, and more balanced between army books. Others consider it to be less tactical, that warmachines/big magic can decide a game too easily, and that luck plays a much greater hand in the victory now days.

With all that in mind, I thought I'd put up a quick post, and see how people are finding the game, gauge what the Heresy community thinks about the new edition.

So, here's some questions for you:

1) what are your observations of warhammer 8th? What has changed, what didn't, and what surprised you?
Well, the changes are, rather obviously, mostly to movement, magic and combat. And mostly, I like them. Movement is a lot smoother with less nitpicking and arguing, but the random charge distances are a little annoying as it still takes some of the tactics away. And since we now can redirect charges and avoid frenzy with LD tests I can't understand why baiting has to be nerfed by also being harder to escape (by not fleeing 3d6 and the average charging distance is further now.

Magic is, as many has already said, quite random and sometimes imba. Everyone just seem to rely on firing one big spell of über doom and win that way. I like how magic is more random and risky, I just wish it wasn't so no-brainer as it seems to be currently.

I like the new combat rules however. I like how combat is decided more on wether you can kill your enemy than wether you have a lot of useless guys or just killing a few before they could strike back, which apparently were just a terrifying as being slaughtered.

2) Does it need some tweaks to play well? Does it work as a competitive game, right out of the box, or does it need definite restrictions to create good games in a tournament setting?
No, it's definitely less of a tourney game. It depends a little too much on luck an armybuilding than tactics to truly become a competitive game. And obviously, some things are severely overpowered as things are now.

3) Do luck, tactics and list building mean more, less or the same in the new edition, as in 7th?
More luck and more about building a coherent list than in 7th. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not always an overall improvement either.

4) Are you Happy with the game? If you're a long term player, has 8th given you a new reason to enjoy the game, or has it lost your interest?
It seems to have become a lot more casual oriented and in my world that means a lot more fun. I was gradually getting tired of 7th so 8th is a refreshing tank of oxygen for a tired diver like me.

5) What are the general reactions of the gaming communities in your area? Both from local groups, and in the tournament Scene?
Haven't attended any tournies but the general consensus seems to be similar to mine: More casual=more fun!
6) Any general comments on 8th? (or questions I should add :))
With a few tweaks and twist this really could be the best edition of fantasy ever. Especially if GW could stop sitting on their asses doing nothing and getting the different armies up to date before we are rounding 10th.
That is my not so humble opinion. Because being humble is overrated.
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