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Two handed weapons used to have benefits, then they go and steal them away... total horse shit.
That's wonderful, but what's your point?
They still do.

Daemon Weapons all have big benefits (although are arguably worth taking).
'Uge Choppa gives +2 Strength and only costs 5 points, that's a great budget tank-killing weapon!
Tank Hamma is a S10 melee weapon available to Tankbustas.
Executioner is a +2 Strength Power Weapon that Banshee Exarchs can take.
Biting Blade is a Striking Scorpion Exarch weapon that gives +1S base, and +1S for all your attacks this turn for every hit you make, giving a maximum Strength of 8!
Relic Blades are +2S Power Weapons available to Space Marines.
Frost Blades are a +1S Power Weapon available to Space Wolves.
As has been mentioned, Eviscerators are Chainfists that can be wielded by people without Terminator Armour, available to Which Hunters and IG priests.
Punisher is a +1S Power Weapon available to Dark Eldar.
Honour Blade is a +2S melee weapons available to Tau Ethereals (which you'd be mad to purchase really).
*quick edit* As Darklove brought up, Singing Spears are two-handed Witchblades, carried by Eldar, which allow a 12" 'throwing' attack, which is about as powerful as a hit in melee with it.

So as you can see, every two-handed melee weapon in the game has some advantage (I didn't list every single one, but they all do).
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