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twin-linked goodies

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so if you take the salamander's specaial character from c:sm all varieties of flamers and meltas count as twinlinked :D

noa, my question, how could i represent this on my models?
so far the only way ive thought of would be to whack on another barrel of said gun's type, e.g. 2 melta gun nozels on a melta gun

only thing is, this could look like a multimelta and multimeltas would look a little busy

so, agian, how you you represent these guns being twin-linked?

p.s. holding 2 of said weapon would look a little hollywood and cheezy XD
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I was thinking of doing this a while ago and thought the only feasible way of doing it was to make each flamer/melta weapon look like its Master-Crafted and has attatched sights etc where possible.

But thats just another way of going about it.

Meltas look great with all the fluff on them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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