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right, i started a thread called 10,000 points army.

the list i had there was wrongly added up, very wrongly added up

so here it is done almost fully.

basic list of the things he has,

mechanised units:

5 Rhinos 140pts
8 Razorbacks 480pts
8 Land Raiders (A few special ones) 2,000pts
4 Predator type 240pts
4 heavy weapon trikes 120pts
30 bikes 1,350pts
10 land speeders 500pts
6 wirlwinds 510pts
10 Dreadnaughts (including chaplain dreadnaughts and venerables.) 1,170pts

Space marines:

a 100 strong Terminator first company 4,000pts

100 Assault marines 5,000pts

300 ordinary marines 5,400pts
long fangs bout 30 so far
50 or so scouts with a variety of weapons like snipers, hvy bolters rockets etc 3,700pts

Total (ish): 24,500 points

this is without special characters and wargear.

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I think next time i get bord i will just make a 10000pt armylist.
what arym is it for all spacemarines?
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