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From Faeit:

Triumph & Treachery is now up for Pre-Orders, and it looks beautiful. A 96 page full color, hardcover book. This expansion for Warhammer Fantasy is a new way to hit the tables to get even up to 5 players on the tabletop battling it out. That sounds like a ton of fun. I cannot wait for this level of detail and thought going into the next 40k expansion or campaign.

Here is your link for pre-orders, and more information at Games Workshop
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From Games Workshop:

Triumph and Treachery is a Warhammer supplement which features rules for playing 3, 4, or even 5 player games of Warhammer. It's a totally new way to play, allowing you and your friends to bribe your enemies, hire mercenaries to bolster your armies and carry out all manner of underhand tactics. Anything goes in the quest to win the war!

This 96-page, full-colour, hardback book includes:

- A history of the underhand tactics employed by devious generals to defeat multiple opponents.
- Full rules for playing multiplayer games of Warhammer.
- 3 new Triumph and Treachery scenarios.
- 3 historical scenarios featuring the background to the battle; an overview of each army; scenario rules; and an order of battle showcasing the miniatures used on each side.
- A showcase of expertly painted Citadel miniatures.

Also included is a deck of 36 beautifully illustrated Treachery cards that allow you to employ all sorts of nefarious bribes and ploys in your games. There are also 5 player turn cards.

As well as this there is a drawstring bag containing victory tokens. These provide a handy method of keeping track of each player's victory points throughout the game (and can also be used for other things, such as bribing an opponent or hiring mercenaries).

All of this is presented in a slipcase to keep the book, cards, and victory tokens together.

You will need a copy of the Warhammer rulebook and relevant army books in order to use the contents of this book.


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GW have stated what you need to do to win the game (but thats not what it all about right) and getting coins to spend

via GW
Victory is achieved by obtaining the most coins, which are included in the box along with the book. You get them by destroying enemy units, though you can also spend them during the battle to gain in-game benefits, such as bribing your opponents. The game also includes rules for using mercenaries in your force - a great opportunity to use a couple of different units in your force. I could, for example, field a unit of mercenary Ogres alongside my Empire army. Or perhaps a unit of Wood Elf Waywatchers.

link http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/wnt/blog.jsp?pid=11600028
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