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Transmission received: Astropath Tyene Rothchard
Routed: Servitor OX-AQ-1423
Decrypted: Cross-referenced algorithms Recong-YT1300, XH-T8311 upon iteration 369,781
FOR EYES ONLY: Inquisitor Adrielle Quist

Transmitted: Astropath Clavius Carthanac
Inquisitor Dyse N. R. Fynem - Ordo Machinus
Inquisitor Quist,
I implore you to examine the following information. I know of no other colleague with whom I could confide who would understand the gravity of this finding, or the true potential that lies within.
You may be aware of a reported Necron incursion originating in the Eastern Galactic Core near Baal. The few bits of data and fewer samples that are available show an organic integration into the Xenos’ interstitial circuitry. I have personally examined one sample of a warrior and the growth appears to have common carbon-based molecular structure surrounding a silicon-based organic core.
This piqued my memory of a remark made by Explorator Magos Enric Fermus on 4.972.997.M42:
“…including a world whose rudimentary life formed under the gaze of a binary blue giant/preon star system (Chandrasekhar Prime / Secundus). The introduction of a stray singularity (C. Tertius) sundered the blue giant which remains as an accreting planetary nebula. The combination of frequent gamma ray bursts and the newly rotating preon pulsar bombarding the planet, Dictus Moor, strained life to the point of developing insulated silicon based genetic information. “

Clearly, if the life of this planet (the Silisyls) has succeeded in altering the Necron systems, apparently including their Canoptek guards, then it is an unprecedented breakthrough in biology. The potential ramifications are dire and exciting. It is imperative that we understand this new leap, as the speed of integration and the level of redundancy between the two Xenos suggests a symbiotic relationship. Either the Necron tomb defences recognized the usefulness of the Silisyls and allowed the contact, or they were overrun by the incursion.
I speculate much about the organization of the Silisyl as the chances of successful mutation into its current state are astronomic ally small. Perhaps the biosphere itself has a fungal consciousness, perhaps the energetic stellar conditions attracted an unbound C’Tan to the area. Ever wary of the taint of chaos amidst this life, I am compelled to investigate and I implore you to give what resources you can to this cause. There can be no delay to recongregation, no stone left unturned, for every advantage mankind leaves by the wayside is a crack in the armour of the imperium.

In nomine Deus Imperator Rex,
Dyse Fynem
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