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transports can only carry one infantry unit, so if you split up a tactical squad into two 5 man squads can you still carry both squads in it still? Could you carry a 10 man tactical squad and 5 man squad of legion of the damned in a land raider crusader? Its one infanrty and one elite so i would think so but i'm unsure. thanks for any help!
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from what you wrote, it seems you're confusing two ways of classifying units. 'Infantry' is a unit type together with 'cavalry', 'beasts', 'Monstrous Creatures', 'jetbikes', and so on. It has nothing to do with which FOC slot it's in. Troops, elites, HQ, fast attack, and HS are FOC types. So for example you can have troop infantry, like tactical squads, or elite infantry, like terminators, and on the other hand you can have bike troops, as in space marine bikers, or fast attack cavalry, such as rough riders.

In any case, a transport can never take more than one unit at a time, and if you split a tactical squad into combat squads they are counted as 2 different units when they are deployed.

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