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Transport Fire Points

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A little thing my friends and I have never been quite clear on... if a unit is firing from inside a transport, do they have to shoot at the same target as the transport itself, or do they fire independently? (For example, could I have a rhino with a havoc launcher carrying plague marines with 2 meltaguns, have the plague marines melta a transport to death, then use the rhino's guns to shoot the guys that were inside?)
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Sometimes I wonder why people even post "answers"..... sigh.

my storm bolter can shoot at squad B, while my hellfire sternzies shoot at squad A?
Yes, they still count as two separate units while in transport.

when i run my rhino 12", can i disembark and shoot with my space marine?
Yes (BRB pg 67, left column, 2nd bullet, last sentence), and they cannot fire from inside the vehicle if the vehicle moved more than combat speed (>6") (BRB pg 66, left column, 10th paragraph)

when the tank has a 'shaken' tagged onto it, can the men inside still shoot out?
Not from inside, but they can get out and fire. (BRB pg 67, right column, 2nd paragraph)
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