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It could be cool to have a little place where those of us in the community could post models/items 40K related that we need, have, or would want to trade.

Have a basic disclaimer stickied to the top that basically says that all transactions between parties is in no way to be held liable for any and all problems. Transactions are held at the involved parties' risk, etc etc. If it works for swimming pools (No Lifeguard on duty) then this shouldn't be too different.

Basic Thread titles could apply

[Transaction Type]

WTB = Want to Buy
WTS = Want to Sell
WTT = Want to Trade



etc. Rather obvious as to why this is important. Sub categories should be used also [Imp Guard][Cadians] for instance.

[Item Description]

A very short (3-5 word) description giving enough information to convey what is tat you are after.

Obviously, more can be said inside the post, include pics of items for sale, references to other pages with examples of what you are looking for, etc.

Here's an example. (Truth actually...)



I have an opened, but complete and on the sprue box of non-assault Terminators. All pieces are there, thay just didn't fit in my army. Instead, I'm looking for Assault Terminators.

I'm willing to trade the entire set for an entire set of assault terminators, or trade just the weapon sprues.


I could include a few snapshots showing the (now crushed) cardboard box, and the sprues the parts come on provong I have possesion and the condition I have said the parts are in.


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