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Hello! This is my first trading thread so bear with me for now. I have a group of Space Marine miniatures that I'd like to trade for Eldar Minis... I am looking specifically for Aspect Warriors and Infantry. Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions are at the top of my wish list but before we get into that lets take a look at what I have to trade.

I currently have in my possession the following.

25 Space Marine Terminators. Four are primed white. All but four are the heavy pewter kind. Perfect condition, only thing I've done to them so far is the priming of the white ones and putting them on stands. Weapons and gear are as follows...

6 x Terminators with double power claws
6 x Terminators with Power Hammer and Power Sheild
5 x Terminators with Power Fists and Storm Bolters
1 x Terminator with Multi Melta and Power fist
1 x Terminator with Assault Cannon and Chainfist
3 x Terminator with Power Sword and Storm Bolter
1 x Grey Knight Terminator with Power Maul
1 x Grey Knight Terminator with Force Glaive
1 x Grey Knight Terminator with Force Glaive and Wrist mounted storm bolter

I also have 8 Assault minis (Jump packs.) These are primed black for some reason. My little brother was trying to add an assault squad to his custom chapter and he gave me what didn't fit in his force.

4 x Chain Swords and Bolter Pistols
4 x Combat Knives and Bolter Pistols

As for infantry I have the following. Most are primed black as well.

22 x Bolter Space Marines
1 x Power Sword and Bolter
1 x Power axe
5 x Krak Missile Launchers (1 is a 2nd Edition.)
1 x Melta Gun
1 x Plasma Gun
2 x Flamer
1 x Heavy Bolter (2nd Edition Beakie)
3 x 2nd Edition Techmarines. (Two with black primer one with white)
1 x Mark 2 Power armor with bolter (Primed black)

I also have 13 scout marines

6 x Close combat weapon and bolter
2 x Chainsword and Bolter
2 x Scout Sniper
2 x Scout Shotgun
1 x Scout with double bolters... One has some sort of bayonet on it.

And last but not least I have the following...

1 x Inquisitor (I can't read the lettering on the bottom of the figuring. I thing it says Ghorg?)
1 x Skull Faced figure. (I am planning on putting up a picture. This was a gift to me by my uncle and I dont know what the feck it is.)
1 x Emperors Champion (Unprimed.)

Like I said if I can I would like to trade as many of these as possible. Pictures will be up by thursday when my girlfriend brings her digital camera. I would use my mobile phone but the pictures come out shit. Thanks for your time!
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