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I'm playing in a tourny on Saturday and was wondering if you guys have any tips for my list.

Cato Sicarius 200

Sternguard (x5) 225
-MB, Combi-melta, ML, Plazma cannon, Razorback W/TLLC

Vendread 260
-AC, HF, Drop pod w/deathwind

Dread 145

Tac (x10) 225
-Melta, ML, PW

Tac (x10) 180
-MG, ML, MB, rino

Land speeder
-Ac, HB

Land speeder

Scouts (x5)
-Cammo Cloaks, all sniper

General plan was to have drop pod the vendread by any heavy weapons first turn, have cato give a combat squad of Tacs infiltrate (prob the one with PW).

The idea is that with 2 dreads, a razor, and 2 speeders armor targets are all over, and hopefully the drop pod lands near there Long range/Mass troops giving the dread with a Flamer/AC priority target, then the Drop pod starts dropping templates on HW/masses. This is the linchpin of my strategy.

With the dread providing the distraction the scouts and Tacs infiltrated grab objectives, with the SG to cover them and a rino w/tacs holding my objective.

The speedys buzz around the sides picking off targets and and the dread pushes forward or covers depending.

Im using cato for the reroll to grab initiative and to put a tac squad close up early game, but im not sure what to do with him after that?

Figs wise im a little short on vehicles, have about 1 of everything, but troops wise i just bought a @#$%TON from a local guy that "doesn't like dark angels anymore". Like 400+ power armor and 100+ termis, 100+ scouts, 3 Dreads, and prob 30+ bikes. Painted ehhhh im looking at about 10% of everything. Oh and everything is Dark Angels, Cato is the closest i can find for Azreal until GW quits playing ostrich with there head and exit cavity and updates/re-releases the DA codex.

any advice will help. my first thought is to drop cato and use a liby and more scouts w/snipers.

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Sternguard are used for special ammo. Keep the boolters and add in a few combi weapons. Droop the PC and ML. I think a rhino would work better here.

Tac squad with PW combat team in razor to move to an objective.

AC/HB speeder is better as MM/HF.

Give your scouts a ML

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so what codex are you playing for this? vanilla SM right? and using the DA codex in the futcha? you could go DA now, our local DA players make that ravenwing/deathwing shit happen.

quick thoughts: i think it kinda hard to fully pull off a unique hero list at 1500 pts as a SM player. a cato list should be lighting attack madness. being about to seize the initiative more often isn't something i'd ever rely on but having a list where when that happens you pretty much win is where to go.

i like a 5x drop pod list that is melta madness with your infantry and with short range wps/dccw dreads. deathwind launchers are pretty fun but only 12 range for that pie plate. and remember your drop pod is AV 12 and open topped. when your opponent wants to pop it, its probably right next to them and they are going to pop it. so a solo drop pod with a DWL isn't going to get your pts worth as a rule. * so 5 drop pods, because the drop pod assault rule means you have to drop 50% (round up) of your drop pods on the first turn.

dropping 3 units and 3 drop pods on someone's side of the board is awesome. you're taking control of the game and instead of having to react to a position of the other player or a combination of units giving you hell in turn 2, in turn 1 you get to go: 'oh, we're gonna just slog it out in your deployment zone.' but the rest of your force needs to be able to get legs or your 3 units will be quickly pummeled to death. one will die for sure that first enemy turn after the drop.

so turn 1: 3 pods go bam! maybe (1) tacticals x 10 with meltagun/multimelta/combimelta or meltabombs sergent and your (2)(3) two dreads but with MM/dccw(hf/sb don't matta) and the other with the TLLC anyways. the other two are maybe (4) sternguard with all boltguns or combimeltas, no fun guns. you're paying for the special ammo so don't go plasma or anything like that, vengence ammo baby! (5) more tacticals?

your other troops should all be able to move 12 inches each movement phase, unless you got terminators some where on there and they can probably safely insert into the madness of the drop zone.

also see: 5e is meltatown, welcome back to your favorite game. :) Go melta more.

i'm not a big fan of landspeeders with the typhoon launchers. yeah, they can rock but those things are tin foil. i'm more of a suicide melta man. or vanilla HB. but thats me, i've seen these work well in play.

sniper scouts are sexy cheap. but go with the HB with hellfire shells for the same cost at the ML and use the scouts for toughness 5+, monstrous creature hunting. the HB with hellfire shoots 36 inches like your rifles, but wounds on a 2+ with a blast template instead of the 4+ rending/pinning sniper rifles. it adds to the who-cares-what-your-toughness-is firepower. this is my daemon prince slaying squad. :) anyone who says not to take camo cloaks is a moron. you infiltrate and then scout move these badasses at the start of the game and have 36 inch range. obviously you're putting them somewhere dope at the start where they get 3+ wtf cover saves and snipe balls. good hunting. :) make little felt cutout cloaks for them too, lol.

cato should maybe stick with your sternguard unless they are going drop pod. other wise go rhino with them like dude suggested. when you pop them out, cato adds a plasma pistol shot at 12 inches and then just allocate wounds to your sternguard on him. hes 2+4+ FNP, wootski.


honestly, ignore all this and just go ravenwing/deathwing nao if you have 30 bikes and terminators coming out of your ass. you will kill MEQ players well but suffer against lists as fast as you who have units to spare to tie up your terminators.

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Im working up a alt termi army list, but the more i look at the DA rules VS Vanilla i wonder WTF, Storm shields cover shooing in VSM now? And WTF, plasma's "gets hot" why expand an old chaos rule to everyone? With the only real awesome thing with DA being that you can drop half your termies first turn, kinda irreverent cuz you can just move them up with a Land Raider, and w/10 in squad.

As for Drop pods, i only have one ><. I quit back in 3rd? when Drop pods did not exist on the table. Plus iv only seen Drop pod army's die horribly to nids and necrons. My faith is low in them. I do however has 1 very old rhino... with a mk3 tack squad, 1 new rhino, 2 new Razorbacks (TLLC, and not put together yet), a landraider (wish i had the old one with the tracks that came up over the top ><), and a vindicator. Most of the figs are painted but iv only made it through about 50 or so Power armor for painting (im one of those people that field good looking guys or fix them) and about 20 or so termis that are acceptable.

So the options are there to move things around, or go DA but i feel there stats are way under powered atm. And my palystyle has always been ranged with a touch of assault termies.

If i wasn't to use Cato what hero/HQ would be a good and simple one to use with a similar load out? Should i move some stuff around for Dev squads instead? Libarian with Force dome and null?

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Holy Crap, congrats on the deal.....
You could always use the termies to run a Loganwing with the Space Wolf codex...
yeah thanx, i got them cheap. they will need some repainting and general love as i literally got them buy the bucket load, but they are all in working order, with a few exceptions, and that's what counts.
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