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This was posted by Col Gav by warseer


Thanks for getting in touch; hopefully I can address some of the points you raise to help you understand why the changes have been made to the GT system.

The reason for removing the heats was twofold. Firstly, the new Throne of Skulls format has been designed to emphasise the fun of playing games in a relaxed, friendly environment, where the only prize up for grabs is the knowledge that you were the best in your race class. As the heats and final system is essentially encouraging people to play for a physical prize, it now doesn’t fit with the ethos of playing for fun for what you can win.

The second reason is to open up the competition to more players; 3 events limits us to a maximum of 468 players, and a final where (if we’re lucky) 120 may turn up. This now opens the competition up for 4 events with a total capacity of 624 different players, allowing greater access to the competition and providing more support for the hobby.

The original reason we ended up with heats was to satisfy the demand for places that our venue couldn’t meet. Over time this evolved due to the demand from players to be able to take part. This new systems allows us to space the events out so that more people have the option of returning for another event if they wish.

Reducing the cost of tickets wasn’t a viable option for us, so what we’ve done instead is to up the offer; we are now offering early registration and social gaming on the Friday, organised activities on the Saturday evening and a change in the food options for the weekend . The decision to run to 5 games rather than 6 was driven by a desire to emphasise the relaxed nature of the event and give players 2 ½ hours to play so that they didn’t feel rushed or pressured to finish.

The aim is to give you guys more than you had before and encourage the idea of a social weekend of gaming starting on the Friday night. We have even created a ‘Hall of Heroes’ area to display the names of all the winners of our GTs, so that they can be immortalized in Warhammer World forever. There are some other things I’m looking at, but it’s a bit too early to talk about that just yet…

If there are other events that you feel better suit what you are looking for, then by all means let us know what you like about them; we value the feedback and you never know, we might be able to do some of the things that are suggested. To extend this one stage further, we have a free to hire venue that players can make use of if they wish to run their own gaming events here if there are those who want to have a crack at doing it for themselves.

Thanks for getting in touch. If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Andy Joyce
Warhammer World Events Manager
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