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Mummies used to be a thing - but mummification was expensive, and intended to be mummified by being buring in sand - a la Tomb Guard.

Ghouls are easy - Ghouls are scavengers - and were little more than simply the insane grave robbing dead-body-botherers who tagged along with vampires - although the Strigoi had a particular kinship with them. Suntouched Numasi (a human city state famed for its horsemen and trading), stricken by the Tomb King's curse on buried treasure, or an Arabyan Bedu tribe or Malaluk (Mamluk equivalent in Fantasy - captured slave forced to fight for the Arabyans) similarly cursed. For models, I'm not sure, but baggy trousers, painted with leather-like skin, in dark skin tones might be appropriate for those.

Zombies, I'm unsure of - maybe the literally freshly killed Ghouls of your army?

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