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Tomb Kings first attempt!

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So, I have never really attempted a list with Tomb kings, but I have always loved the fluff and their models, so here goes! Also, I know TK are not even close to competive, this list is for fun, so please dont post telling me to spam SSC and Khalida with 300 bowmen :p

Tomb King
Blade of Setep
Collar of Shapesh
Vambraces of the Sun
Heavy Armour

Liche high priest
Golden Ankra
Neferera's plaques of might incantations

Liche Priest
Staff of Ravening

Liche priest
Dispel scroll
Brooch of the great desert

30 skeletons
Full command

30 Skeletons
Full command

20 Bowmen
Full command

20 tomb guard
Banner of the undying legion
Full command

1 tomb scorpion

1 tomb scorpion

Bone Giant

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personally i'd drop the skeleton spearmen, they've rarely done anything well for me, and make them archers. I run mine to whittle down the big units, then form up, and keep the enemy locked in combat with them, so i can flank them with my bone giant, or chariots. but that's just me.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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