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Tomb King rumors

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Greetings everyone

Serching the net today, and Tomb kings seems to be a popular rumors that they will be getting overhualed this year/early next year.

Also i found this comment.

"Few rumors about Tomb Kings for this time. Just recently, one guy from our local GW store told me that Tomb Kings are going to get new Army Book somewhere in 2010, but no word on precise schedule. The expected changes are going to be focused on re-deploying existing units over the sections of the book, without adding new ones. Also, a bunch of new characters will appear, some of them opening new possibilities for army construction. As for the models, both Skeleton Warriors and Tomb Guards are going to be redesigned, the latter appearing in plastic like recent VC Grave Guard. Additionally, Bone Giant is told to be more potent creature. And that's all, not too much details in fact"

What do you think? Has anybody heard something similar?
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I know what you mean.

Thou I'm not sure about the Bone Gaint, it's already a heavy hitter
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