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I fully appreciate your fears, I had the same when I first got one but the thought of having easy OSL pushed me into buying one and I'm so happy I did. The best way to get the hang of using an airbrush is just by base coating miniatures as its faster than using a normal brush to do it and you really cannot go wrong as its all one colour and your aren't going to ruin any previous paint work done.

As I said I mainly use my airbrush for OSL work and the occassional paint job on special miniatures on which I want a nice blended affect. There are so many paint guides out there to tell you the best colours to use for it as well as guides to how to where to even start with airbrushing. But to start with I will always say basecoat and work up from there. WIth a basecoat you can play around with the correct consistency of paint, you can play around with the features of the airbrush and how big or small an area you can cover at once and you can play around with trying to only hit certain parts of the model, as afterwards you are going over the whole model again anyway and you get such an even coat with an airbrush you won't see you have ever had a mess around with the final product.

I highly recommend airbrushes. But that also doesn't mean you never use your brush again. Your brush is the main tool, the airbrush supplements that tool to make things a bit easier. is till paint the large proportion of my miniatures by hand but I use my airbrush for basecoating, OSL, power weapons, large fabrics etc. to supplement what I have done with the brush. There are some people that only ever use airbrushes but I personally don't like that hazy blurry looking style of model but thats just me.

Quite simply its easy to pick up the technique and can save a lot of time with a lot of tasks so I would certainly say that its worth it.
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