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To not airbrush: It can be expensive. You can always buy a cheap compressor and a cheap brush and to that effect, there are a ton of deals on places like Amazon where it'll be a $100 or less for the whole setup. However, I would highly, highly suggest getting a good compressor even if you want to get a beginners brush. In the long run, no matter what you do (resale, in my experience, on a compressor is very good), it will pay off to have a good compressor.
There is a learning curve. Taking a cardboard box (and some cheap paint to practice with) and just go to town on it. What I did is take a Sharpee and draw lines all over the box and then followed those lines with the airbrush. Was great practice and helped me with the learning curve.
To airbrush: Will add a different dimension to your painting. OSL is easier (IMO), priming is a breeze (and I think does a better job than can primers). Right now I'm working on gradients and blending with mine and the early results of testing look so much better than when I started trying those with just a brush.
IMO, I would get one. I love mine and can't believe I went so long without one. Using it now is so simple and my results exceed my expectations.
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