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0i use my airbrush on a daily basis,here a a few of my thoughts for you..
1. airbrushs are easy to use once you get the hang of them..it takes time to get used to thinning the paint right and how to use different spray patterns..after that they are major time savers.
2.when theyr good they great..when bad...FTW!! ill have days where everything runs fine then days where no matter how many times you clean it..it just wont work..
3.i doubt that if your brought an airbrush that you painting work look bad it should look better as you will have a more even base coat.
you cant do eveything with and airbrush and will still need to use your brush.

i have the iwata neo and have sold many of them in my store..they are a great cheap airbrush..you dont need to spend alot..if you are able find somebody that already has one and ask them to let you have a go.
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