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So, as I continue my downward spiral into madness (both from my degree and my 30k smack addiction), I'm thinking I'm getting to be quite good at this painting malarkey.

Well, decent.

Well, adequate.

The point is that, whilst I am sure that there are still a great many conventional painting techniques I can learn/perfect, something I keep seeing cropping up alongside stunning miniatures is the use of an airbrush. Now, in principle I've never really liked the idea of an airbrush for two reasons:

1) I'm totally ignorant as to how they work and thus irrationally scared of them

2) I worry that a lack of physical feedback in the way of friction will make it hard to use, or at least use well.

That and I suppose there's the extra additional worry that if I start with a new painting tool I'll co back to square 1 and my models will look like absolute shite like they did when I first started and things will stay that way for several months/years.

So this is a sort of open forum for those airbrush owners, and those who possibly opted not to. What is so great about airbrushing? Is it easy to use/get the hang of. It is a staple tool you use all the time, or a situational one you only break out occasionally?

Any feedback on your experiences, both yay and nay, are appreciated for someone who is currently on the fence about whether to invest in one in the future.
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