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just so everyone knows.
if youre in the USA. by law. you can make your own models. even if you cast them straight from a mold made using a GW model. you can also make a copy by from a template, though a exact template may itself not be legal (not to sure on that). as long as they are for personal use. once they are sold, it becomes a violation of CR laws. as long as the template varies from the original. like a symbol thats is facing the opposite direction. it may be allowed to be made and traded under USA law. though this last part is case by case, so you made be able to do it once, and get in trouble the 2nd time, or you may get into trouble the 1st but not the 2nd, 3rd, or 12th time.

i would recommend looking up CR laws for your location.

ive done some casting of clear XV15s for tau. so im positive for the casting laws.
though the model is not more. he hit the floor once.
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