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I don't see why making a model that GW does not should be an issue. technically every single conversion is just that. You are making a model that GW does not make. So if posting a tutorial or such on how to make a Warlord titan is against policy, it would suffice to say that any of the threads showing how someone did their wn conversion would be the same thing. Yet GW seems to have a poilcy that pushes conversions, that being said: A warlord is the 2nd biggest conversion you could do in this game.

Also consider it like this: For years GW published rules for many Ork models, yet they never made any models for them, yet they were allowed in Official games. A Warlord titan is the same thing: GW has published rules to use one, yet have not provided a way to purchase one. A player is left with only one option, to build their own.
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