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hey ho,

finally did it. as announced a 4000pts per side battle report. this game took place nearly a year ago and was very well documentated,though no pictures were taken. i rearranged the battle setup after correspondence with my gaming buddy with my own armies and terrain in order to be able to take some quality pics to post here. we used the netepic 5.0 rules which are basically improved titan legions / space marine rules and can be found online. we added two characters of our own development (kharn and venerable dreadnought), that have been playtested and adjusted several times and found to be save by now.

i will post this battle in several steps since the last pics are still to be taken and edited. so keep checking back.

first i will post the army list of each side and a pic of every unit thats worth being depicted. so just the specials.

i played imperials in this battle. my buddy ordered the khornate loonies.


1.company: space marine battle comp 850
1support: punisher dreadnoughts 150
2support: contemptor dreadnoughts 100
3support: -
4support: -
5support: -
special : venerable dreadnought (melta, lighntning claw, banner of victory) 200
View attachment 2703 View attachment 2712 View attachment 2711

2.company: adeptus mech knight paladin household 600
1support: knight lancer detachment 200
2support: -
3support: -
4support: -
5support: -
special : knight baron 200
View attachment 2704

3.company: imperial guard tactical company 600
1support: bombard battery 200
2support: griffon battery 200
3support: heavy infantry plattoon 200
4support: -
5support: -
special : warhound scout titan squadron (480-->)500
(lupus ridens:the laughing wolf armed with vulcan mega bolter and plasma blastgun) / (lupus cantans:the singing wolf armed with inferno gun and turbolaser destructor)
+ free commissar and rhino
View attachment 2706 View attachment 2707
lupus ridens / lupus cantans


1.company: world eaters century 600
1support: world eaters terminator detachment 350
2support: land raider squadron 250
3support: rhino squadron 50
4support: rhino squadron 50
5support: -
special : kharn the betrayer 150
View attachment 2708

2.company: chaos renegades warband 600
1support: cultist riders 100
2support: chaos androids 50
3support: -
4support: -
5support: -
special : -

3.company: lord of battle (armed with deathstorm, doomburner) 400
1support: fleshhounds of khorne 100
2support: bloodletters of khorne 150
3support: demon engines of khorne (deathdealers) 300
4support: juggernaughts of khorne 150
5support: -
special : khorne banelord titan (fixed weapons. many) 700
View attachment 2710 View attachment 2709

for any one interested, i will put more higher resolution pics in the gallery section.

so far for now.will post battlefield, setup and battleplans tomorrow (hopefully ;) )

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Sounds cool sir - looking forward to seeing the bat rep!! :D

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allright there you go. next part.

the battle field:

closer look at objectives 1,2,3,4:

1 the crusaders tomb

we decided this one would be the major goal in the chaos' incursion and decided to award double VP (10) for the player who holds it

2&3 industrial sector and bridge

the indstrial district of the town was also of interest for the imperials to keep intact so two objectives were placed in 25cm distance of each other.

4 the razed cathedral

yeah, don't mind the washed clothes in the background :whistle:

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before i post setup some words to our battle plans. first thing to say is this was the fourth game in a campaign and we lost quite a good deal of troops in the previous battles with chaos leading the count of won matches with 2:1.
i lost two out of three titans from my reaver battlegroup,so the mechanicus decided not to risk the last of the precious machines and sent an knight paladin household with knight lancer and a baron as support instead. mr. chaos had virtually no demon engines or greater demons left except for the lord of battle and the deathdealers. i fortunately also managed to kill his heavy attilery (cannons of khorne) in the game before. unfortunately he also did this to my artillery and leman russ company. so i picked what i got for reserve. my dark angels hadn't made their apperance before in this campaign so the were fresh with dreadnought support. the plan was to support the assault marines with my contemptors and the venerable dreadnought euipped with banner of victories was to improve the close combat skill of those troops even futher. not that i took big hope in standing a melee vs the khornate loonies.
the plan was to deny the chaos troops as many objectives as possible. this would be crucial, cuz if chaos was ahead in victory points (vp) the death dealers, the lord of battle and the friggin banelord would gain an extra +1 to all their saving throws, to hit rolls and would add an extra D6 in close combat. and that would simply be a pain in the ass. all the more because the banelord had aquired the battle honour 'heavy armour plating' in the game before, so he would be all but unstoppable if chaos was ahead in vps.
the good thing about the demon engines and greaer demons of khorne is that they're not allowed to take first fire (ff) orders. they always must have at least advance (ad) orders and move towards the enemy. so the fire inbound in my direction would be only light rain in the first fire phase, but all the more heavy in advanced fire. so my artillery, devastators and ig heavys had to dish out generously in ff.
back to the point of denying objectives to chaos. this would prove difficult since he was fielding bezerkers and kharn the betrayer mounted in rhinos. paired with the blood rage of khorne card i had nothing that could match their speed and brutality in close combat. not even the paladins on charge (knights double their close assault factor (caf) on charge), so moving up to the tomb with my assaulters would end in carnage with all the losses on my side. so i was anxious how this would turn out.

mr.chaos recieved four chaos cards (3 for the lord of battle and one for the chaos renegades) the world eaters century recieved their fixed blood rage of khorne card. the chaos cards enables non mechanical chaos units to warp during the game with differnt effects from incrasing caf to forcing morale checks of the opponent. they can also be used for saving greater demons when they suffered a killing blow. since he had only four of them i knew he would need them to keep his lord of battle intact and running. so i was relativly save of being harassed with even further card boosted crazyheads.

a nice thing for me also was that when i rechecked his points it turned out that he actually forgot to pay for the lord of battles weapons. he didn't want to withdraw any of his units to compensate for this, so i was allowed to buy some more stuff until we were even again. sneaky (bastard) me decided to go for a battle honour for each of my warhounds. picking 'increased shielding' i boosted their defence qualities quite nicely, adding two void shields to a total of four to each one:eek:k: needles to say he didn't like it at all.

so, i'm tired for now. tomorrow i will post setup and sketches and the rest of da plan.. sorry for any mistakes.

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all chaos space marines, bloodletters and androids are embarked in either rhinos or the deathdealers, so they're not depicted

CSM : chaos space marines
SM: spacee marines
LOB: lord of battle
BL: banelord
KP: knight paladins
KL: knight lancers
M: marine hq
ig: imperial guard hq
C: commissar
VD: venerable dreadnought (covered by punishers in this pic, sorry)
LR: land raider
P: knight paladin hq
B: knight baron
WH: warhound
K: kharn the betrayer
CC: aspiring champion of chaos

buildings in dark grey are intact, buildings in light grey are ruins, golden icons are objectives

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This looks really cool sir!

I can't wait to see the rest of the bat rep! :D

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long time no see :) now the action starts..

rounds are segmented into
1. orders phase
2. movement phase (1.compulsory, forced moves 2. everything else alternating)
3. first fire phase (alternating by detachments, squads, etc)
4. close combat phase
5. advanced fire phase (alternating by detachments, squads, etc)
6. end phase

i will only post noteworthy things.

round 1



(blue arrows are charge orders, green ones are advance orders, units that did not move or did so but have no arrow are either on first fire or are command units)

chaos wins initiative and decides to move one detachment first.
all chaos khorne units charge. no exceptions. onboard csm and termies disembark on advanced orders thus still being able to fire in the advanced fire phase. csm capture the tomb (shit, i intended to do this with my sm tacticals and assaulters). so i bring my assaulters forward to the ruins and capture that objective instead, hopefully staying out of range of those ugly bezerkers. csm terminators capture intact building, getting in hard cover (wait you bastards). the rest of my marines capture the fortress on the down left side. banelord and lord of battle move up to the center to bring all weapon into range (melters on the banelord are pretty short ranged 25cm). everything else moves up to support. csm capture objective on the bridge. my knights are pretty unsure about what to do, so i move them a bit up to gat an aim on the banelord. i let my lancers flank on the extreme left side in order to get some nice rear shots at the dathdealers in turn two. the bezekers and kharn jump from their rhinos being just within range of 1cm and crash into my assaulters (damn.. they're toast). warhounds advance forward to get their weapons into range of the tomb and the banelord.

first fire phase:

chaos has no first fire this round, so i can o whatever i please with my artillery :)
my griffons 'direct fire' a large 12cm diameter template over the csm on the left, ignoring cover hitting three marines and one rhino, killing one csm stand an the vehicle. first blood. now the funny part :)
my bombards 'direct fire' at the termies in hard cover. bombards being one hell of a weapon vs fortifications, since they destroy structures on a single failed save (normally two failes saves are needed) and posses a target save modifier (tsm) of-3. the bombards hit everything with their shot (4xtermies, 1x land raider, 1xbuilding)
here is the pic. you get the idea i think :)

the building fails his save and crashesinto rubble, normally all infantry would be dead but termies always receive at least an fixed save of 6+ no matter what. he fails all of them. he decides to use elite rerolls for them. once again he fails them all :) four stands of termi die and a land raiser die without have achieved anything or even having fired a shot!!! the emperor guides my fire.

this is what remained of them:

rest in pieces. my buddy was close to tears.

the rest of my army on first fire degrades to advanced fire..

close combat phase:

there is only one cc. 5x bezerkers and kharn vs 6x sm assaulters

five assaulers die, so does one bezerker (assaulters caf is +3, berzerkers +6, kharn +8).
he plays a chaos card on his berzerkers then. blood rage (not blood rage of khorne), enabling the loonies to charge some further 10cm and fight a second round of cc!!! killing the last assaulter 1 rhino, 2 contemptors losing only one stand of themselves vs a contemptor..
these suckers wreaked maximum havoc and furthermore are contesting the objective i captured with the now dead assaulters.. it sucked. trust me. revenge for the termies i guess..

advanced fire:
pretty much everything (devastators and ig heavys) fires at the banelord causing all six shields to go down.
the warhound on the left fires his inferno cannon into the tomb killing some csm and his turbo laser destructor at the unshielded banelord causing a hit to the head, which it saves easily.

the punishers and venerable dreadnought pretty much kill all but one berzerkers with sustained fire from assault cannons and the venrables heavy melter. the marine hq scores a hit on kharn which he saves.
the paladins kill one dathdealer.
my other warhound fires his vulcan mega bolter at the last berzerker and kharn, killing the berzerker and forcing kharn to take another save, which he succeeds again. the warhounds then fires his plasma blastgun at the charging banelord. big trouble for the big guy (-4 tsm). hitting the head. the banelord fails his save. YES!!! but the roll for damage only comes up with a one, destroying the headmounted weapon and forces the banelord to charge again next turn :) hehehe, no shooting with you this game big buddy. the knight baron adds some futher fire vs the banelord and manages to penetrate the reactors plating. rolling a 1 for damage the banelords cafis now halved.my mate is really angry by now.

(you can also see the lancers sneaking up the left flank in tis pic)

imperials only suffer minor casualities. the warhound on the left loses all shield due to sustained fire from the csm.

end phase:

warhound raises 2 shields, banelord 3.
chaos is ahead in vp with 21 to 14. shit this means alls his demon engines and greater demons will kick ass (except for the banelord,who will just stupidly charge further on into my guns :) )

we took a break at this point and drowned some beer..

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i know, this takes really long. but creating the overviews, editing photos and uploading them takes time. and i'm a lazy bum with lots of other work to do. so i'm sorry for this delay.

round 2


the csm stay on their objectives on first fire. pretty everthing else named chaos charges into clos combat or advances forward. the banelord is forced to charge (damage round 1) and ends up right in front of my lovely guns. the lord of battle advances to get his weapons to bear on the imperials.
the imperial side see no chance to achieve something great with moving into the jaws of khorne and stays put on first fire with most units. only the guard tacticals charge forward to secure their objectives and get some better line of sights to the enemy. the only one bold move on my side are my lancers, whch charge around the hill straight into the backs of the pesty deathdealers. lancers are alowed to fire their deadly powerlances with a range of 15cm in the close combat phase just before melee takes place when on charge orders.
oh, yeah i nearly forgot: with his berzerkerbuddies gone kharn decides to wreak some more havoc and charges the space marine captain (hq).

overview of movement:

some shots from the movement phase:

the cultists and riders shortly before they take the generator block

my lancers sneaking up into the backs of the deathdealers

the banelord rushing in bloodlust straight into the imperial guns

first fire phase:

i keep this short. only the most noteworthy things.
the imperials score some casualties on the chaos side. the bombards shot (intended for the csm on the bridge) scatters into the already razed church killing 5 stands of beastmen and reducing the southern part of the church to rubble. i lose two knight lancers (shit) to fire from csm, they break but pass morale. the spacemarine captain aims his bolter at the charging maelstrom named kharn and manages to hit him with one out of two shots. unluckily for me the khornate champion saves after failing his first attempt with an elite reroll. my devastators deplete the shields on the banelord. being so very close my venerable dreadnought aims his multimelter high at the head of the hulking titan. the shot luckily hits and does not scatter on the hitlocation template but fails to pentrate the heavy armour, which is so rediciuosly high by now (1+ normally, modified to 0+ by battlehonour 'heavy armour plate', modified even further to -1 !!!! cause chaos is ahead in victory points) it is no wonder. now there is only one unit left in my army that has a chance to kill it's armour. so my hopes are on my warhound 'lupus ridens - the laughing wolf' with it's plasma blastgun and brutal target save modifier of -4. (it kills some juggernaughts with his vulcan megabolter before).
the plasma fires it's two shots at the unshielded banelord. 2 hits!!! and both land right on target on the head! YES!!! with trembling fingers my buddy rolls his saves. he needs 3+. he saves the first hit. but fails to stop the second. searing plasma burns through the demonic visage. i roll a 4 for damage and added together with prevoius damage from round 1 it adds up to 5 and the banelord crashes to the ground!! die warp filth!!! lupus ridens the laughing joker.

the banelord crashes on the spot (hit on scatter)

heartened by the sight of the burning wreckage the imperials kill some more of the rushing horde with disciplined fire,only suffering minor casualties in return.

close combat:

this one is pretty short and ends in casualties on both sides, breaking my contemptors and one of his rhino squads. some guardsmen and fleshounds die as well.
kharn reduces the space marine captain to minced meat (+8 CAF vs. +4CAF) and spreads some fear to the sorrounding units. but he now stands in the open without any cover, facing some angry guardsmen and punishers with assault cannons. my last knight lancer manages to be in range to fire his power lance and reduces on deathdeler to scrap metal. all broken units pass their morale checks.

advanced fire phase:

since most units remained on either charge or first fire there's not that much. my tacticals kill one stand of bloodletters and the punisher dreadnaughts rake kharn with heavy fire. he suffers three hits. he saves only two of them and uses chaos' last elite reroll to reroll the failed one. which he fails again. the khornat champ goes down in thundering assault cannon fire. the emperor smile at my deeds.
but now luck turns since the lord of battle is in range and opens fire with his heavy cannons. he has one punisher within range of his head cannon and pulverizes it, breaking the squad. even worse, he can draw i direct line of sight to 'lupus cantans' my half shielded warhound. he opens up with his deathstorm, stripping away the shields like nothing and scoring ahit on the armour. he aims for the head, buet the warhounds hit location template is pretty small and the shot scatters into the right weapon. i fail the save and damage comes up with 4, ripping the infernogun from its socket and smashing it into a knight baron, that stands right behind. the knight saves. the wounded warhound is now easy prey and the lord of battle aims his doomburner at the unprotected scout titan. he scores a hit. this time the shot does not scatter and hits head on. i fail my save (which is modified by 3, ouch!). his doomburner is a penetrating weapon and adds +2 to the damage rolls, spelling the death sentence for mywarhound with a 6. crashing to the ground lupus cantans has sang his last song..

the knight baron kills a csm land raider with his battle cannon, braking the squad. the last tank fails morale. the remaining deathdealer kills two tactical marine stands and a rhino.
some more units are killed in advanced fire but nothing of importance.

end phase:

having scored some massive damage this round vp are as follows:

imp : 39
chaos: 29

allright. 45 points are needed to win. imp is ahead, so no more filthy demon engine action.

tough round with quite some casualties on both sides, seeing the destruction of two titans. most of my units are cose to breaking (esp. the sm battle company) and the lord of battle is within weapons range. will get bloody next round, since chaos needs to capture at least one more objective and break one of my bigger units to win. i need to hold on to my objectives, since i can hardly compensate with so few in my hands and allof his bigger unkts already broken. well, let's see..

hopefully i will post the last round within the next two days.

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I think i will actually finish it with this post :victory:
took me long enough..

round 3 movement phase:

the compulsory moves include only the right hand landraider that failed their moral check. it flees towards th table edge. coward.
the left flank of the imperials is quite battered by now but sits on first fire to kill the last of the pitiful few remains of the rushing chaos horde. some lonely fleshhound some juggers charge the IG tacticals and leftover dreads and finally the bloodletters make it into close combat with the sm tactical protecting the devastators in the fortress.
the lord of battle is still unscathed and lumbers on advance towards the beleaguered left flank to add some more bloodshed after having killed the warhound with one salvo in the previous round. the one lonely imperial knight lancer sneak back around the bunker to shield himself from pesky csm missile launcher shots in order to get a clear line of sight to the last remaining land raider (ex termie transport). the last death dealer lumbers forward to get his weapons into range. on the right hand side of the battlefield the knights paladin advance forward in order to get off some nice shots into the only lightly armoured back of the lord of battles. seen this danger the chaos cultists boldly charge the towering machines to bring them down in close combat before they can use their heavy battle cannons. to make sure chaos plays the bloodrage of khorne card on the csm on the bridge and maddened with bloodlust they join the fray to gang up on the paladins. the cultist riders charge some guardsmen in cover.

letting go of his objective on the bridge chaos follows up with his battered beastmen (church ruins crushing down on them last round, killing most) occupying the bridge saving the objective once more. this leaves the middle of the battlefield quite open and a lonely IG tacticals platoon gets the suicide order to charge past behind the lord of battles to capture the abandoned objective near the churchs ruins. this brings them deadly close to the lord of battles and within range of its hull firethrowers...

first fire phase:

the paladin HQ (always on charge and able to first fire still) in mêlée with the cultist and csm takes his last chance to shoot at the lord of battle but misses. his heavy bolters kill one of the charging cultist stands. the other knights in mêlée manage to hit not a single stand with their bolters (lucky me).
my remaining warhound loses a shield to las fire from the termies landraider. it returns fire at the lord of battle and scores a hit with his plasma blastgun to the engine of the demon engine. it is unable to save and sacrifices a chaos card to negate the damage (cheater).
enraged by the foul trickery the knight baron aims his mastercrafted battlecannon at the lord of battle and scores two clean hits on its head. unfortunately both are saved by the heavy armour.
the last punisher let rip with his assault cannon on one charging juggernaught scoring three killing hits. but the beast is so enraged that it still fights in close combat before succumbing to its wounds (juggers always complete a charge, no matter if they are killed by defensive fire). the rest of both sides scoring some more hits (the lord of battle taking some more and saves all). they bombards kill some csm in the bunker breaking the worl eaters century. all passing theit moral checks. the griffons roast some beastmen on the bridge (Mmmm, yummy..). the devastators degrade to advance fire to butcher the bloodletters after close combat. the deathdealer takes some hits but survives all.

close combat phase:

the sm tacticals get butchered by the bloodletters. no exception. the sm battle company breaks. all pass morale. in the middle all charging chaos units cause some casualties and a jugger kills the last contemptor dreadnought.
my knights paladin in close combat manage to kill nearly all stands of cultists but get finished off by the csm under the influence of the bloodrage. they household breaks and the remaining squad tests moral which it fails. but morale is restored quickly due to the inspiring presence of the knight baron and so they fight on. the cultist riders kill the IG guardsmen mercilessly and contest the objective.
the knight lancer discharges his power lance into the only lightly armoured back of the landraider reducing the vehicle to molten slag.
they Imperium suffered in this close combat phase.

advanced fire phase:

the lord of battles opens up with his deathstorm killing two griffons breaking the battery. it fails morale. the doomburner misses its intended target (bombard). the head cannon destroyes a punisher dreadnought (break, pass morale). the hull fire throwers open up on the suicidal IG tacticals right in its back and fry three stands to crispy snacks.

the tactical company (having suffered 19 losses in total) breaks. one platoon fails morale. the few survivors of the other two prove to have nerves of steel and pass.
the IG tacticals and venerable dreadnought kill the last juggers, cleaning the middle of chaos units. the deathdealer opens up killing two more stands of IG tacticals with his gatling and fails to penetrate the last punishers armour with his battlecannon.
the sm devastators kill nearly all bloodletters and the deathdealer (hah, thats where the name devastators comes from). the IG heavies and commissar take revenge for the paladins and massacre the csm and cultists. the renegade war band breaks. all fail morale.

end phase:

all killed bloodletter fail to regenerate. the horde breaks. no morale though.
that round had seen some massive breaking of companies and units and so it is no wonder that massive victory points were awarded.
it was more easy to count the units that have not been broken than to count the ones shattered.
on the imperial side only the knight baron, one warhound, the venerable dread, commissar and the bombards remain unbroken. on the chaos side its only the androids, cultist riders and the lord of battle.
all else got either completely wiped out or broken. no company on either side survived unbroken. ouch..
objectives got lost during this turn and got recaptured and changed holder.

victory points final was:
Chaos: 52
Imperium: 48

with 45 points needed to win the battle was over. a DRAW! and had it not for the bold move of the IG tacticals to run past behind the lord of battle the objective at the church would still be in chaos hands resulting in a loss of 5 VP to the Imperium and a defeat with only 43vps.
so the match winner is once again the heroic imperial guardsman! hooray!


all in all it was a damn bloody battle. the banelord did not kill a single stand before being brought low. the same goes for the unlucky chaos terminators which got killed by the crashing building. yeah, it was pretty much fucking luck. or the emperor guiding my fire,who knows.. the imperial side did not move that much, but in the face of a Khorne horde that simply would have been suicide.
chaos was capturing all vital objectives at once and holding most of it till the end and denied me the chance to retake them (until much later) by constantly charging into my lines with most of his units. with one more round to play i would have been able to retake the tomb (double VP) since it was only defended by one last stand of world eater marines and my lines were finally clear. chaos had nearly no units left on the table. would have been a decisive victory for the Imperium then. but so it ended with a draw. both sides were happy with that.
as a funny side note: the chaos androids were absolutely disobedient in this game. when trying to give orders to them both players roll a d6. the highest score decides orders (but the androids are still under control of the chaos player). i won every single roll placing them on first fire orders without any line of sight throughout the whole game :biggrin:

one last shot from the devastators holding the fortress:

finished. did it. wow.
cheers to all

sorry for any mistakes.
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