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So I should like... carve the old weapon out of the hand, then put the replacement weapon in and pin it in place?
yes, unless your looking to alter the position of the hand, but if not cut off the knife blade with clippers, file down the left over bit on the hand top and bottom, so you are left with a fist, drill a hole through the center of the fist that will fit your pin, take your halberd, decide were you want the fist to be on the shaft, cut the shaft at that point in half, file the cut end flat on both halves of the halberd and drill a hole in to each flat end( the one you cut and pin the two haves and the drilled fist together.

This conversion is i suppose is the second most common after swapping a head, it used to be really common place when i was a young chap because we didnt have the variety of bits in the plastic kits that we have now, yet the rules allowed for more wargear options(like all power weapons had different stats for example) so it was either "imagine" what the general is holding or butchering another model to convert him for WYSIWYG.

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