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Just wanted to point out, you might get a response from here if you were to post some of the content on Heresy rather than just a link.

That way you get people interested, potential constructive criticism, and threads with some comments and not just a handfull of views.
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From the link: Top Tips for Wargaming Beginners

We wanted to share a little bit of our knowledge with people who may be just starting WarGaming or may have not thought of these little hacks. These were written by our own Martyn Rees and we hope they benefit your modelling.

1. Basing A Whole Board.

For the total beginner, we offer Basing kits. These include a variety of things you can use as the ground or base of your board. The products within the kits can also be used to finish off the bases to your models. Here is an example of our Fantasy Basing kit.
Even if you choose not to use a kit, we also have a very strong hold, fast drying​
Basing Glue
. The glue dries completely clear and binds well to any boulders or grass you may be trying to base your board with.​

2. Layering Static Grass for Realism.
Just using a 2mm Static Grass for an entire board sometimes makes it look like carpet or felt. Using different lengths can really help give life to a board or scene. We recommend our Layering Spray Adhesive as you can layer up different lengths of grass before the first layer is dry and it will dry completely clear. This can speed up the process of designing a board.

3. Stuck on Moss?

Our 1mm darker static grass colours such as Winter look great as moss growing on either the outside of buildings or paving. It can also be used on models themselves to age them.
4. Boring Model Bases.
We have lots of products that can be used on model bases to ensure they fit into their theme. We have tufts and our 1mm static grass in a range of colours to fit any genre and are very easy to apply. You can also buy predesigned bases such as our Sci-fi Bases.

5. Precision Application of Static Grass.

You can use our new Pro Grass Precision Applicator to apply the 1mm static grass to tiny 25mm bases and longer grasses to the outside of buildings. It is the multi-purpose tool that you need for your army or boards.

We hope these will help you to push your models and boards to the next level.
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