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Depends what you want from your army.

Much as I adore Khorne, there is alot to be said about a Nurgle based fantasy armour. Get two solid (and when i say solid I mean 15-20 man strong) Chaos Warrior squads, give them a mark of Nurgle and Great weapons. Make one of the squads Chosen, make the other a retinue for your foot slogging lord. The rest of the points go towards Flanking units of 5-10 man strong Marauder horsemen. The beautiful thing that the mark of nurgle does is cause fear. And thats overlooked. Thing is, skeletons are awful, but wth the added bonus of fear they become pretty good. And Chaos warriors are some of the hardest core choices around. Give them fear and they become deadly. I say great weapons because with this army you are lacking any real heavy hitters, so those extra points of strength really show. But otherwise give them Hand weapon and shield. Two hand weapons for Nurgle is just wrong. If you want more attacks Be Khornate and hope you aren't against an even vaguely prepared enemy. Frenzy is...frankly...death. Way too easily manipulated for the addition of only one attack.

Ahem...so yeah. Two strong squads of warriors, A lord and a Hero choice, nd pack the rest of the mandatory core choices with Marauder horsemen. Give them throwing axes and use them to flank people. best thing is if you get them behind an enemy squad already in combat with one of your big squads. If an enemy loses to fear causing large squads of Chaos they will flee, and if they try to flee through a squad of yours, they get slaughtered to the last.

Hopefully that post isn't too garbled...

And hope that helped.
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