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Tips for beating MEQ with Tau?

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I'm very new at Tau, and before I sob over wasted money:shout: (this is the best sad face I can find:wink:) I'm battling my friend who's using my dad's Chaos SM.

So, I would appreciate general tips, such as wargear for Crisis Suits, maybe sample army lists, and whatnot. My resources are near infinite, so I don't need to worry bout model count. I'm playing 2000 pts. Thanks alot Heresy!

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I play against a good bit of Tau as CSM and I've never really had trouble with lists like the one above. Granted I run a lot of anti-tank/CC monsters and cross the table fairly quickly. I do however, have trouble with the 84 Firewarrior/Broadside spam with Suit backup. Blows me off the table stupidly fast.

Honestly, building to beat your friends will only result in you losing friends. I recommend figuring out what you like about Tau and building lists around that.
Does our wargame of all things now need a disclaimer when help is asked for? I'm far from British, and I don't pay hundreds of dollars for a game in which I get my ass stomped by people that just tell me to "take what I like, it'll work out". Tried that. Got my ass kicked...Playing what you like is a shot in the dark for it being any good.
No one said you couldn't make informed choices once you know what style of army you enjoy playing. :)

Oh, and I like the Khorne list. It looks like a fun time. I might give it a try if I can get my hands on some Dreads.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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