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A list for future fun games. Wurr = the ork word for weird.

Big Mek with BP, ammo runt and SAG
Weirdboy ML2

8 Burnas and 2 meks with KMB

12 'eavy armour boys with sluggas and nob with PK and BP in trukk
12 Boys with sluggas and nob with PK and BP in trukk
30 boys with shootas, 3 big shootas and nob with PK and BP

Dakkajet 3 TL Supa Shootas

Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Killkannon and 2 big shootas
13 Lootas
3 Zzapp guns with 3 ammo runts


The burnaboys would go in the battlewagon, the weirdboy with the big shoota squad and the Big Mek with the Lootas. As I think a hard hitting gunline, a semi-hard hitting, mekanized assult force and a great deal of randomness. I love it and have managed it before, deep-striking 30 shootaboys into the rear of the enemy.

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Well now i see where the Zzap gun question came from. So ill start with them, yes they certainly have a potential for greatness, possible S10 with auto stun, great in theory, fairly poor in practice. I've certainly tried Zzap guns before, load up on gunners and shoot away, but there are two concerns first the strenght with an average roll is 7, on two dice it is no better than a loota and even then you need to hit with the shots which rolled high enough with their strenght to hurt anything, yes can punch a hole in a land raider but most likely won't, maybe kannons or one of the newer ones bubblechukka or tracktor beam, hut personally not zzap guns.

Burnas in a wagon great, nice killy unit against anything they can effectively wound, always remember killing a squad of terminators or s full squad of 20 daemonets. Only thought is the wagon itself first thought unless your going for a gun wagon and rairly moving it I find the old killkannon or even any of the special guns much less usefull, if you rush forward the ballistic skill drops and maybe a waste of points. Maybe stick to the cheaper guns, a pair or shootas or rokkit will keep you out of immobilization range. The death roller is an iteresting one, even with the nerf i think in this case id keep it, with the burners being able to shoot out of it it can possibly add to the range while not effecting the length of the side armour (debateable but up to a call) mught be usefull.

Only other real thought is the lack of bodies, with only three squad of boys and small elite ones at that, with only around 60 models depending on what you come up against it might cause problems, up to what your facing.

Thats all for the minute

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I almost want to say get another big mek in there or another weirdboy to go with the burnaboyz to lead them if the battlewagon should get destroyed. I am not a big fan of zzap guns as Battman pointed out they aren't very reliable. I also don't think you need the deffrolla on the battlewagon a reinforced ram is usually enough.
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