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So I have done a little tweaking, the first and most obvious is that the Tournament Scene is only 2400 Points and not 2500 Points as the first two lists indicated (oooops)

The second change is that I have dropped the Tomb Guard in favour of a Horde of Archers, now I know that many people do not like this tactic but they take part in more phases than the Horde of Tomb Guard did netting me on average 5-6 kills per turn while advancing.

Finally I have loaded the list with Flaming shooting as Regeneration has made a resurgence in my meta

Total Roster Cost: 2400

Tomb King - 265 pts
Destroyer of Eternities, Dragonhelm, Potion of Speed

Liche High Priest - 310 pts
Level 4, Lore of Nehekhara, Fencer's Blades, Dragonbane Gem, Golden Death Mask of Kharnut

38 Skeleton Archers - 248 pts
Musician, Standard Bearer

6 Skeleton Chariots - 370 pts
Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

5 Skeleton Horse Archers - 70 pts

5 Skeleton Horse Archers - 70 pts

6 Necropolis Knights - 420 pts
Full Command

3 Carrion - 72 pts

Tomb Scorpion - 85 pts

Screaming Skull Catapult - 90 pts

Screaming Skull Catapult - 90 pts

Hierotitan - 175 pts

Casket of Souls - 135 pts
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