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Now, I really like Red Corsairs intro to warmahordes, it's a good, quick and basic intro, but I'm starting to feel we need a little more of an introduction to the game, and it's factions/rules, especially for those who are coming over from Fantasy/40k, and trying to figure out how the game works and plays.

We're starting to get a few more people posting about Warmahordes around here, and as a game, it seems to be gaining quite a lot of popularity around the place, so it might be time to update the intro thread, especially as a whole new edition has come around since the thread was created.

So, with that in mind, this thread is about seeing what people think should be in starter thread/s, how we should set it out, and so on. Just a basic brain storm about anything you might want to see in there, and for people to volunteer to help out with it.

What I think we need -

General introduction to Warmahordes
- Links to the Free downloadable rules sets
- Introduction to the basic rules, including how focus works
- Explanation of Hordes, it's compatibility with WM, and how Fury works.
- Types of models (Warcasters, Units, Solos, Jacks and Warbeasts)
- What Books/cards you need.
- Game sizes and scenarios
- ???

Faction run down
- Example of some iconic models, to show off the look of the army
- A brief bit about their style of play/theme
- Links to resources/more info about the factions?

Extra information
- Comparisons to Fantasy/40k
- Links to bat-reps of people playing
- Information about Pressgangers, and how to get game demos
- Information on Privateer Press.
- Link to official errata.
- Changes from Mk1 to Mk2 (for those who were playing last edition)
- ???
Something like that? I think we could fit all that in a single thread, or we could break it up into 2-3 threads, like:
1) "Introduction to Warmachine/Hordes"
2) "Introduction to the Factions"
3) "Switching from Warhammer to Warmachine".

Personally, considering this is mostly a Warhammer Forum, having a good run down on switching from one system to WM/H would be a good idea.

Anyway, this is just to get an idea of what people think should be in a new intro thread, so tell me:

What else should be in the thread?
What shouldn't be in there?
How should it be organised?
Can you help Write some of it?

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Too right squeek, and you always did a good job of balancing that when you were modding the Fantasy forums. Don't go too in depth, don't have everything answered in the stickies, but something to get people interested and talking would be great :)

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Sounds good: "Protectorate of Menoth: Recommended for beginners to veterans, who love strong support and synergy between units, saying "No" to enemies, and burning people alive in the name of Menoth."

Don't worry too much about being a newbie, so am I, so are most of the posters on this bit of the forum. We'll do what we can, and fix it up as we go along :)
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