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Given that I've only played introduction games so far, I can't be of much help right now but in a month or so I should get enough experience to start barking wisdom. :) Until then, I can help with checking language (lol at me, being a foreigner), punctuation and style. Hell, maybe I could add a few thoughts to 40K-WM comparisons. Oh and combing texts to make sure we only say important stuff and don't get entangled in the details.

The only thing I'd add is that when we say a few words about each faction, we should write a "recommended for" bit. It can be tremendously useful. I remember that some ten years ago there was a PC game in our country that had a manual (good times, good times) with stuff like that; about one of the races it said "We recommend them for beginners, veterans who want to try out new strategies and anyone who loves genocide on a galactic scale". In that moment I knew I'll be playing with those guys. :biggrin:
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