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The thunder angels were created late in the 40th melilium to aid those planets that required A static defence over fast moving strikes forces.
i think the 40th Melilium to late you chapter has no history, a earlyer founding would give you more history to play around with.

Unbeknownst to the inquisition the thunder angels supply hiolex with protection so long as the gang provides them with
Suitable recruits for the chapter and this has improved relations between the people and marines immensely.
why would the Inquisiton care if the Thunder Angels protected the city, heck all space marine do that,

The chapter doesn't need fast moving squads like bikes to wage war,
Because they have developed other ways to move quickly across the battlefield such as short range teleportation And low level drops to the middle of a war
teleportation is highly unstable and drop troops typicly can't carry much in heavy equpment so you better off realying on drop pods, Thunder Hawks, and 'Dragooning' a Dragoon used his horse to get from point A to B but he did not fight from it, so you get in the Rhino and when you get to the battle you hop out and fight form emplacment, a battle feild taxy.

The 9th company is the Scout Company, this is the company every recruit joins before he becomes a full battle-brother and receives power armour.

The 10th company is the "armoured" company. It consists of most predator, vindicator and land raider tanks the chapter has as well as many techmarines.
This company is also lead by the chapter’s master of the forge, making sure that the vehicles of the chapter are in working order.
a note on the scouts, my chapter to is farly static and we use the scouts to dig out the emplacements we fight from, just a hint. i like the Idea of the 10the company, you could use it as a break though force when the Thunder Angels go on the counter attack, or just plain attack. a few Vangard, Assult, Marines to complment the tanks when breaking a line. are Whirlwind in the 10 as well are they attached to all the companys. as a bombardment force like the Guard.


The thunder angels have lost all traces of who their primarch is, but they are slowly unearthing clues to his identity.
They will fight even harder if they think it will reveal another clue.

Again that’s it for now (I’m not that good at descriptions) I’ll try to add more lately
any chance there use Iron Warriour seed?

there you go my thoughts
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