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Chapter name: thunder angels
Named for their preference for thunder hammers and the thunderfire cannon
(Though this could also be due to the rumble of the cannon firing).
When and why were they created?
The thunder angels were created late in the 40th melilium to aid those planets that required
A static defence over fast moving strikes forces.
Name: grundim 3
Grundim 3 used to be an agri-world, with lush forests spanning the entire landmass.
When the thunder angels landed however, they cleared many miles of forest to build
Their fortress-monastery on the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. A small group of citizens
Rebelled and attacked the monastery in anger but these were quickly executed for heresy.

Since then the relationship between the citizens and thunder angels has been rather
Unstable but the thunder angels have worked to repair it by fortifying and garrisoning
The many cites that dot grundim 3's surface. The thunder angels use the garrisons
To their advantage, scouring each of grundims many cities for potential recruits.
Many of the chapter’s recruits come from a street gang known simply as "the assassins"
In the capital city of hiolex, the chapter taking the gang members that show proficiency for strategy and defence.
Unbeknownst to the inquisition the thunder angels supply hiolex with protection so long as the gang provides them with
Suitable recruits for the chapter and this has improved relations between the people and marines immensely.
This also means the gang helps with defending the city against any invasions, standing shoulder to shoulder with the brother marines.

Combat doctrine:
The thunder angels differ to the codex astartes, preferring a static defence to high-speed strikes
Not to say they are incapable of it, but the chapter lacks bikes and land speeders in their armoury and have less than 20 rhinos.
But pacts with the Adeptus Mechanicus means they boast many more specialised and heavy weapons and techmarines than many other chapters,
As well as tanks like the predator and vindicator. The chapter doesn't need fast moving squads like bikes to wage war,
Because they have developed other ways to move quickly across the battlefield such as short range teleportation
And low level drops to the middle of a war zone.

Chapter organisation:
The thunder hammers chapter is split into 10 companies, the 1st company is made up of 10 sternguard veteran squads, masters of short-range firefights.
The 2nd and 3rd companies are attack companies. These are the companies that are sent out to different worlds
To support the defensive lines on beleaguered worlds struck by war.

The 4th and 5th companies are defence companies, companies that spend most of their time defending grundim 3 and other nearby worlds.
These two companies are only called out on missions if the situation is dire and the two attack companies are not enough to release a world
From the terrors of war.

The 6th, 7th and 8th companies are reserve companies, the 6th is a tactical company, consisting of 10 tactical squads. However each consists of 12 marines
As opposed to the 10 that usually make a squad. The 7th and 8th are devastator companies, consisting of 10 devastator squads. They are the most powerfully
Equipped company in the chapter, each marine trained to fire each heavy weapon available to the chapter.

The 9th company is the Scout Company, this is the company every recruit joins before he becomes a full battle-brother and receives power armour.

The 10th company is the "armoured" company. It consists of most predator, vindicator and land raider tanks the chapter has as well as many techmarines.
This company is also lead by the chapter’s master of the forge, making sure that the vehicles of the chapter are in working order.

The thunder angels believe that the more foes that are beaten at range, the less lives the army have to sacrifice
That’s it for this section for now. I’ll add more later. ^But ^this ^is ^basically ^what ^I'm ^trying ^to ^say
The thunder angels have lost all traces of who their primarch is, but they are slowly unearthing clues to his identity.
They will fight even harder if they think it will reveal another clue.

Again that’s it for now (I’m not that good at descriptions) I’ll try to add more lately
Warcry: i feel a storm brewing, unleash it on the enemy! -Captain’s pre-battle speech

The storm is with us! -Devastator while firing

Feel the wind of death! -Tactical marine while firing bolter
so what do you think? please comment. things inblue are things i am unsure about.
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