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"ThUd ToNkEr 'EaD's ork clan project log

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28/09/10 The Waaagh continues Page 2, post 13, Go see now....
New pic in page 3, post 24.

Starting a new army, so thought start a project log, documnet it for future generations! I'm starting an ork whaagh, a "ThUd ToNkEr 'EaD" Whaagh to be precise. He's sick and tired of his mate Gazgal getting his arse kicked by the Chaos, and Salamader scum (Mixed feelings as they are my scum….) So “ThUd” has decided he could take them on, and show up the legend that is “Gaz” (That’s what ThUd calls him, as he has a soft spot for him, back of the head where the neck meets the skull, where do you think “ThUd’s “ name came from….) He has started small, recruiting 5 ‘nobs to his cause (He has dirt on all of them, so it was this or their secrets come out)

Group Photo No1 (Start of whaagh “ThUd)

Warboss ThUd ToNkEr ‘EaD

‘nob 1 (ThUd’s dirt = like dressing as an Eldar at the weekend)

‘nob 2 (ThUd’s dirt = Likes Meg Ryan movies)

‘nob 3 (ThUd’s dirt = On his stag night, his stripper was a bloke, and strangely like it)

‘nob 4 (ThUd’s dirt = Questions why all the violence…..You’re an ork deal with it)

‘nob 5 (ThUd’s dirt = No dirt, ThUd’s wifes son from first marriage, well he is family)

All the nobs will get names, but first ThUd want to see them fight, so the name suits their fighting style….They have recruted, (press ganged) 20 more slugger boys to their cause, these should all things being fair arrive shortly, when they do they will be kitted out in the correct atire that suits ThUd’s whaagh.

Paints used (If your interested?)

Ork skin
Fountation gretchin green,
lightish devlan mud wash
Traka green wash (Lightish, well allow to pool)
(Will on next ones at this stage paint veins, lips, etc foundation pink? so they look like there popping?)
Second lightish traka green wash
Foundation mech red
devlan mud wash
Mech red again, leaving brown of mud in recesses
4/1 Mech red, foundation orange, leaving layers of each
3/1 Mech red, foundation orange, leaving layers of each
Brown (boots)
Foundation brown
devlan mud wash
foundation brown
Deb stone
Delvan mud
snakebite leather
dessert yellow
Devlan mud wash to bring together
(Was trying stuff out with this, not 100% set on this, so will change to make easier)
Boltgun metal
Heavy black wash
Delvan mud mixed with scourched brown added, washed into recesses
Light chainmail drybrush, not to much, I can't imagine orks polishing there armour, can you?

Hope you all enjoy, and C&C very welcome.

The Waaagh continues Page 2, post 13, Go see now
New pic in page 3, post 24.
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Da'Funda is nut to 'appy wif dat git Gazza too.

Da'Funda sayz welcumz to da boss of dem stinky red onez cose he iz smartah and sayz dat dem Bad Moonz is da best.

looking awesome mate really cool very similar painting style to me except i start with a tan type colour as my foundation for skin then build up the green with just washes it gives it a real earthy look which i like!

as for the pants im prettys ure its similar to me. just a build up of washes.. pretty much all my orks are just washes.

i start with a tan spray undercoat and wash the whole guy gryphonne sepia. then teh sking gets a wash of thraka green and then delvan mud then thraka again.

the leather gets 2 washes of devlan mud.. and maybe another sepia if its needed..

then i just paint all the boltgun metal and then wash with sepia. and do the teefs with bleached bone and wash with mud.. and pretty much done.. just do the eyes and bullets etc.

mm.. yeah :) +rep
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@ Gog
The trousers of the nobz & "thud" where done as per below (I think, been quite a while since I did them)
Base with lyanden darksun over chaos black
wash with devlan mud
layer with bestial brown
then dessert yellow
Highlight with either bleached bone or dhenab stone

The boys were alot easier
base coat Tausept ochre over chaos black
heavy devlan mud wash
Thats it?

I assume it was for the nobz though....

@ Azwraith
I was going to try your way on the kommandoz, or lootaz. Something that will not be sitting next to the boyz, so the different styles of painting don't look funney next to each other. I don't really like orks when they have bright skin, they don't look right?
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agreed they are wow cartoon orcs

they are lean green fighting machines :)
As its been so long since I posted a pic, i thought i'd post a pic of the Big mek I'm currently doing.

Keep in mind I've still got to do the glass eye thing, and black on his boots. And no thats not his base as my manager at work thought :punish:

C & C very welcome.
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Nice work... I really like the detail on the axe... + Rep
ThUd was sick and tired or alway getting confused with the snakebite klan, orks kept coming over to his lads in the pub and spiking their grog with highly powerful snake venom. As a joke of course, but as his blokes aren't used to the poisons they fell over dead. And his numbers were becoming affected. So he sent his five nobs out to find a Mek, preferably a Big mek, but any thing at this point would do, a snotling with a spanner that could weld would be welcome, anything to shake the "Snakebite crap" he had been taking. After 5 days the nobz returned, very bruised, and with several STD's. But they had ThUd's prize, a Big mek. Soon the other warbosses would pay, when he had big shiney machines to stomp their little faces to pulp.

I really enjoyed painting this guy, he has lots of little details that mae him interesting to do. You will have to excuse to camera, its the work one and its on its last legs, and my one at home is not much better......
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It looks great. All ready to give your trucks a force field. Just need another 99 boys...
Lookin good mate :) Like the ork's skin tone, looks very natural!

Are they Evil Sunz?

Have some rep :)
Loving your orks and the fluff. Really adds something to it.

Thanks for sharing :)
Many thanks for all the positive words, really helps push me along.

Well "ThUd" had his first punch up over Christmas, a 5000pt ork vs space puppies (2 ork players, 2 pup players) at warhammer world, ThUd took from memory (with marine proxies, sorry)
2500pt ish?
Thud (Of course)
Big mek with kff
10x lootaz
10x lootas
5x mega nobz, dedicated wagon, deff rolla, red paint, plank, 2x bs
20x boyz, sluggaz, 2x bs, nob, bp, pk
19x boyz, sluggaz, 1x bs, nob, bp, pk
19x boys, sluggaz, 1x bs, nob, bp, pk
12x boyz, sluggaz, 1x bs, nob, bp, pk
12x boyz, sluggaz, 1x bs, nob, bp, pk
12x boyz, sluggaz, 1x bs, nob, bp, pk
20x storm boys
wagon, deff rolla, red paint, plank, 2x bs
wagon, deff rolla, red paint, plank, 2x bs
wagon, deff rolla, red paint, plank, 2x bs

Thud wanted only big kills so set about charging around killing tanks!! He got a predator, & landraider (It exploded killing 2 terminators, and taking 1 wound from Ragnar...which was nice) Ragnar then put an end to his fun, but hey easily made back his points. ThUd = 125pt, pups = 485pt approx)

Big mek never even got out the wagon, "ThUd" will be having words....

The rest of his crew also had fun, 10 lootaz, killed 4 long fangs in the first round of shooting,

two 12 man boyz charge a dread, kill it then 4 from each die in the explosion.....Fun. They then charge a drop pod, and blow that up, and lose another 3 from each, not so much fun, but boss pole keeps order (thank god!!)

20 storm boys charge forward to draw fire, take 5 deaths before hitting home, then lost 9 more to 9 grey hunters, and a wolf priest, but then they ran away as I did kill 7 hunters & the priest, then just followed them 6" behind to they could not rally, until they ran off the board (Not very orky, but fun...)

1 of the deff rolla wagons killed a drop pod, and 3 of its crew (Got to love tank shock with the rolla) but rolled a 1 on difficult terrain, then rolled a one on the re-roll.....Very funny, picturing this ork driver smashing through a drop pod, then grounding on a slight incline..... he will get ribbed for that..in fact I think the pups under his treads where laughing at him.....

one of 20 boyz units charged niji (or what ever his name is) and 3 terms (The 10 lootaz thinned the 5 terms down to 4, then 20 boyz shooting killed another) two rounds off combat later 8 orks walked off with some interesting new trophies....

From this little battle "ThUd" may turn towards a tank heavy army but then again maybe not?

Also his roster now stands at
1x ThUd
1x big mek
5x nobz
70x boyz.... only another 30 to paint...

Still to paint
1x big mek with shok attack gun (Won on ebay for £6.50 posted....Brand new still in box)
1x Gazgal (Another win on ebay for £8.03 posted...Was 100% complete, but painted horribly, so in the thinners you pop)
7x kommandos (need stripping soon)
30 more slugga boyz.....
10x grot & runtherd
5x nobz with klaws to lead the mobz
1x snikrot
1x random nob from gorkamorka (The one in the current codex with 2 axes, under snakebite clan)

Then have to decide mek up or walk? before I get to carried away....
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ThUd, wants to be sneaky. Brute force is fun, but there is no finesse in it. So he has put out the word, he wants kommandoz (“dem sneaky Buggerz”) to work behind enemy lines. Weeks go by, and although ThUd” loves destroying stuff, & fighting, he feels his army is missing something. Then on the Tuesday morning something happens. He knows his nobz set sentries last night on the camp perimeter, but this morning there seems only to be dark red puddles where they were standing (Strange) with long streaks away from them as if something has been dragged (even stranger) But he thinks nothing more of it and goes back to his hut. He steps into his hut to find the ork sentries hanging upside down by their ankles, and disembowelled, now ThUd may not be the quickest ork in the barrel (well it wasn’t in the job description) but he could sense something was up. After he finished shouting orders at the inanimate corpses, and they had finish ignoring him (the cheek) He decides to cut his loses and have breakfast. Then a shadow appears in the door way to his hut, he is silhouetted from the morning light, but ThUd recognises him from tales of old “Snikrot” And apparently he was free for a while, and fancied some fun….. which was nice…

C & C very welcome, if not encouraged.

Snikrot 1

Snikrot 2

Snikrot 3

Snikrot 4

Snikrot 5

Snikrot 6

Snikrot 7

Snikrot 8
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Nice job on snickrot + Rep
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