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"ThUd ToNkEr 'EaD's ork clan project log

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28/09/10 The Waaagh continues Page 2, post 13, Go see now....
New pic in page 3, post 24.

Starting a new army, so thought start a project log, documnet it for future generations! I'm starting an ork whaagh, a "ThUd ToNkEr 'EaD" Whaagh to be precise. He's sick and tired of his mate Gazgal getting his arse kicked by the Chaos, and Salamader scum (Mixed feelings as they are my scum….) So “ThUd” has decided he could take them on, and show up the legend that is “Gaz” (That’s what ThUd calls him, as he has a soft spot for him, back of the head where the neck meets the skull, where do you think “ThUd’s “ name came from….) He has started small, recruiting 5 ‘nobs to his cause (He has dirt on all of them, so it was this or their secrets come out)

Group Photo No1 (Start of whaagh “ThUd)

Warboss ThUd ToNkEr ‘EaD

‘nob 1 (ThUd’s dirt = like dressing as an Eldar at the weekend)

‘nob 2 (ThUd’s dirt = Likes Meg Ryan movies)

‘nob 3 (ThUd’s dirt = On his stag night, his stripper was a bloke, and strangely like it)

‘nob 4 (ThUd’s dirt = Questions why all the violence…..You’re an ork deal with it)

‘nob 5 (ThUd’s dirt = No dirt, ThUd’s wifes son from first marriage, well he is family)

All the nobs will get names, but first ThUd want to see them fight, so the name suits their fighting style….They have recruted, (press ganged) 20 more slugger boys to their cause, these should all things being fair arrive shortly, when they do they will be kitted out in the correct atire that suits ThUd’s whaagh.

Paints used (If your interested?)

Ork skin
Fountation gretchin green,
lightish devlan mud wash
Traka green wash (Lightish, well allow to pool)
(Will on next ones at this stage paint veins, lips, etc foundation pink? so they look like there popping?)
Second lightish traka green wash
Foundation mech red
devlan mud wash
Mech red again, leaving brown of mud in recesses
4/1 Mech red, foundation orange, leaving layers of each
3/1 Mech red, foundation orange, leaving layers of each
Brown (boots)
Foundation brown
devlan mud wash
foundation brown
Deb stone
Delvan mud
snakebite leather
dessert yellow
Devlan mud wash to bring together
(Was trying stuff out with this, not 100% set on this, so will change to make easier)
Boltgun metal
Heavy black wash
Delvan mud mixed with scourched brown added, washed into recesses
Light chainmail drybrush, not to much, I can't imagine orks polishing there armour, can you?

Hope you all enjoy, and C&C very welcome.

The Waaagh continues Page 2, post 13, Go see now
New pic in page 3, post 24.
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Cool stuff.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who has to break mobs down in to smaller groups to keep painting. :)

The lighting has yellowed the last lot a bit but they look great, keep up the momentum.
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